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New DIGIT Major Teaches Secret to A Perfect Selfie

The secret to a perfect selfie? Add some math.

Cuba Trip Gives Students Firsthand Look at Life Under an Embargo

In Cuba, with the sanctions lifting and the border opening and big business rushing in – Hello, Netflix! – a trip to the beach can be socioeconomic reconnaissance.

“We knew it would be different," said Mariah Knott, one of eight Penn State Behrend students who traveled to Havana this year. “They have free housing, free health care and free education, but they often don’t have access to the most basic things, including transportation. I had no idea that people lived like that.”

Nursing Students Learn Basics of Evidence Collection

Criminal investigations often begin away from the crime scene, in a curtained hospital room, where nurses treat and counsel the victims of violent crime or abuse.

“When victims need medical attention, they are brought to nurses first,” said Amy LeSuer, a lecturer in nursing at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College. “We help them before law enforcement officials can.”

Ruth Pflueger Wins Kopp International Award

For Penn State students who choose to study abroad, Ruth Pflueger is an invaluable resource for making the process go smoothly.

Penn State Online Programs Earn Top Rankings

New rankings by U.S. News and World Report list Penn State’s online bachelor’s degree programs as the best in the nation.

Professor Continues to Uncover Mysteries of Petra

An old stack of National Geographics, with their full-color, fold-out maps, led Leigh-Ann Bedal to Petra, the ancient city buried in the Jordanian desert.

“I would study them,” says Bedal, now an associate professor of anthropology at Penn State Behrend. “I would imagine what life in those places was like.”

College Adds Master's Program in Clinical Psychology

Applications are now being accepted for the newest graduate degree program at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College: the Master of Arts in Applied Clinical Psychology.

College Opens New Major in Digital Media, Arts and Technology

The doodles on Google’s home page – animated tributes to Ronald Dahl, Les Paul and Ida Bell Wells, among others – show the value the tech company’s leaders see in the arts and humanities. Google’s HR department sees it as well: In 2010, then-Vice President Marissa Mayer said 80 percent of that year’s hires would have a liberal arts background.

Creative Writers Reading Series Offers Major Pay-Off for BFA Students

Katie Ford opened the 2015-16 season of the Creative Writers Reading Series on Sept. 17.Creative writing majors at Penn State Behrend are exposed to works from some of the most accomplished writers in the world.