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Penn State Behrend will host the 2020 Northeast Regional IISEE conference from Feb. 28 through March 1.

Behrend alumnus builds a business on ancient shark teeth

Penn State Behrend alumnus Bill Eberlein collects ancient Megalodon teeth while scuba diving in Georgia and South Carolina. "The Megalodon wasn't just a shark," he said, "but a dinosaur shark. It was thought to be one of the largest and most powerful predators in the sea."

Heard on Campus: Harvard professor Avi Loeb at Penn State Behrend

Harvard University professor Avi Loeb discussed the search for alien life during a Speaker Series program at Penn State Behrend. "It is likely that we have not yet encountered extraterrestrial life because we are not significant enough for them to want or need to talk to us," he said. "We are like ants to them, maybe, and they are looking for something else."