Exploring Majors and Careers

Exploring Majors and Careers

Career Development Visual: This diagram illustrates the four aspects of Career Development. 1.) Assess, meaning "Know Yourself," which includes Take MyPlan, Interests, Skills, Personality, Ambitions, and Work Values. 2.) Evaluate, meaning "Explore Options," which includes Use "What can I Do with This Major?," Explore Careers, Talk with Adviser and Career Counselor, Candid Career Videos, Consider Grad School, and Industry Trends. 3.)Prepare, meaning "Develop Skills," which includes Campus and Community Involvement, Practice Talking to Professionals, Resumes and Cover Letters, Get Involved in Research, LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Profile, and Interview Prep. 4.) Perform, meaning "Implement Action," which includes Take a Leadership Role, Career Fairs and Networking, Apply, Interview, Work-Intern-Volunteer, and Negotiate.

Learn about Steps for Career Success for College Students (PDF) | (Word).


Know Yourself

My Plan 
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Understand Majors


Explore Careers


Many careers are possible within each major. View Behrend majors (PDF) | (Word) to discover a sample of job titles, employers, and graduate schools that our graduates have pursued.