DOE for Injection Molding - Course Description

DOE for Injection Molding - Course Description

Instructor: Brad Johnson

Fee: $1,410

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Educational Goals: 

DOEs can be a valuable technique to use in the validation and production of plastic parts. This workshop has been developed to give participants practical experience in setting up, carrying out, and interpreting DOEs utilizing both the Penn State Behrend processing lab and the computer lab (primarily using Microsoft Excel and Minitab).

Who Should Attend: 

Those who are involved at any level in the development or production of plastic parts and who are concerned with the continuous improvement of their processes can benefit. This two-and-a-half-day workshop will emphasize medical molding and using DOEs in the process validation process. It can also be of value to those working in other industries and desiring training in constructing designed experiments for plastics. It is recommended that those attending have a basic understanding of statistics.

Course Outline: 

  • Overview of the Validation Process
  • IQ, PQ, & OQ
  • When to use DOEs
  • Preparing for the DOE
  • Setting up the initial process
  • Determining factors and factor levels
  • Determining sample size
  • Screening Designs
  • Fractional Factorials
  • Two level designs
  • Replications versus repetitions
  • Foldovers
  • Center points
  • Response Surface Designs
  • When three level designs are needed
  • Central composite
  • Process Monitoring
  • How to determine what to monitor
  • How to set up and change limits