Mechanical Engineering Internship Information

Mechanical Engineering Internship Information

A formal internship program is offered for students pursuing mechanical engineering degrees. This program allows students to obtain valuable engineering experience and earn additional money while in school.

The internship experience can replace a single technical elective course (3 credits). To do this, students must obtain any 3 credit combination of M E 395 or 495, provided that all of the credits meet the criteria outlined below.

ME BD 395 credit

The student is responsible for obtaining an internship position. Contact the Career Development Center for assistance.

  • One (1) credit will be awarded for either a single semester or a summer internship assignment.
  • The student must be accepted into the Mechanical Engineering program (ME BD) and have completed the following courses: E MCH 211 (Statics), E MCH 212 (Dynamics), E MCH 213 (Strength of Materials), and M E 300 (Engineering Thermodynamics).
  • The internship must be pre-approved by the program chair before the start of the internship assignment. This includes a statement of intended work with supervisor signature.
  • There must be engineering activities: no drafting, lab technician support, data entry, sourcing, etc.
  • If the internship experience is during the academic year, you agree to: 1) work no more than 15 hours per week, and 2) take no more than 14 credits, including the internship course.
  • If the internship assignment is during the summer, you must enroll for credits during the summer term. Registering for internship credits during a semester in which you are not interning will not be allowed.

The internship grade will be determined by a combination of the following:

  • Student's mid-term progress report.
  • Student's final report and self-assessment upon completion of the semester/summer.
  • Supervisor's evaluation of student job performance at the end of the semester/summer internship period.

ME BD 495 credit

Same criteria as for ME BD 395 with the following restrictions:

  • Two (2) credits will be awarded for a second summer engineering internship.
  • Student must identify a project, obtain faculty approval, and make a presentation to a faculty committee upon completion.

If you have questions or would like to sign up for the internship program, please contact Dr. Yi (Elisa) Wu.