Information for Parents

Information for Parents

Psychology students with Erie Day School Students photoPARC's goal is to improve school culture and safety for your children. We believe that parents are a vital resource in helping schools to resolve bullying. We offer educational seminars to parents, Parent-Teacher Organizations, and community groups. These presentations will feature Dr. Charisse Nixon, or one or our staff members, and can be tailored to your group’s individual needs. Topics can include the following: coping strategies relational and physical aggression, internet safety and cyberbullying, typical online activities of children, and how parents can partner with their children and their schools in an effort decrease peer victimization. Our seminars are presented in an easy-to-understand manner and are focused on practical, concrete knowledge.

Cybersafety Prevention 101 - This site gives a general description of the dangers of certain aspects of the cyber world and how to keep someone safe while using each. It offers information and tips for a safe cyber experience.

Bullying Bulletin Board - This site gives a plethora of information and scenarios regarding. It offers tips and facts about posting online, video game impact on cyberbullying, etc.

Growing Up Great - This site gives parents information on how to raise children. It offers pamphlets on topics, including bullying.

Kids Against Bullying - This site informs children on what bullying is and how it can be prevented. It offers helpful tips and guides to know when someone is being bullied, and how to stop it.

Beat Bullying - This site gives children the information they need to help deal with bullying. It offers a chance for children to speak with other children in a nice, bully-free environment in a live chat feed. - This site includes research and victim stories about cyberbullying. It offers resources for educators, parents, and teens to help them deal with cyberbullying.

Keys to Safer Schools - This site is used as a way to provide information and experiences about bullying to the world. It offers a chance for parents, teachers, or children to tell the story of their experiences of being bullied or of witnessing someone being bullied.

Stop Cyberbullying - This site promotes the “Stop Cyberbullying” campaign in attempts to stop cyberbullying. It provides a way for children to provide student peer support in schools and provides “How To?” information for parents and teachers

What to Do When Your Child Feels Invisible Around Other People - by Trudy Ludwig