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Boats Wobble at Start of Duct-Tape Regatta

The duct-tape regatta had a rough start. One boat sank. Another boomeranged, returning to the edge of the Junker Center pool.

New Facilities Give Behrend Teams Home-Field Advantage

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Penn State Behrend athletes just got a whole new home-field advantage: The college’s new soccer, lacrosse and track complexes will be ready for fall competitions.

Penn State Behrend Business Program Earns National Ranking

Publisher Robert Franek calls the school “one of the best institutions a student could attend to earn an MBA.”Penn State Behrend Business Program Earns National Ranking

Schools are selected based on academics, job-

Sleeping Bag Weekends Offer Sneak Peek at College Life

Choosing a college is kind of like buying a new car. You look for one that fits your needs and personality, whether you’re looking for comfort and practicality, or want something exciting and flashy. Either way, the most important part is that it gets you where you want to go and that and you enjoy the ride.

Supermileage Team Aims for 2,000 mpg

John Pearson’s Oldsmobile gets maybe 21 miles to the gallon. His school car – a custom-built, carbon-fiber test vehicle – is a bit more efficient: It could, in the right conditions, exceed 2,000 mpg.

Free 'e' Bus Shuttle Improves Access to Penn State Behrend Campus

Too tired to hike up the Jordan Road hill? Take the bus. The Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority has added a new bus route with six stops on the Penn State Behrend campus. Rides are free for anyone with a Penn State ID.

Behrend Students Bring no Bias to Design of Cell-Phone Game

Kristan Wheaton, associate professor of intelligence studies at Mercyhurst University, and Matthew White, lecturer in game development at Penn State Behrend, are collaborating on a bias-teaching game.

'Trash to Treasure' Proceeds Donated to United Way of Erie County

The college’s first “Trash to Treasure” event raised more than $900 for the United Way of Erie County. The May 26 sale, which was held in Erie Hall, made good use of the shoes, suitcases, coats and bicycles that students left behind when the semester ended.