Project and Supply Chain Management

Project and Supply Chain Management

Project and Supply Chain ManagementProject and Supply Chain Management majors learn how to manage complex assignments across business functions, understand the critical components of supply chains, and apply business analytic methods to fully integrate supply chain practices throughout an organization. These skills may be used to develop new products and services, schedule and coordinate resources, monitor and control projects, and coordinate procurement and project delivery systems.

Graduates are uniquely well-prepared for careers in some of the most in-demand professions in business. They are able to manage supply chain and projects initiatives in world-class corporations, government, public sector organizations, construction, third-party logistics providers, and goods and services distribution operations.

Why Major in Project and Supply Chain Management?

  • Skills you can use: Estimates suggest that 65 percent of the work being done in modern organizations is “project-based.”
  • Project-Intensive industries (including business services, construction, finance and insurance, information services and IT, manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, and chemical/pharmaceuticals) are predicted to grow their share of GDP to $5.81 trillion.
  • According to the Project Management Institute (PMI) Salary Survey, Seventh Edition, 71 percent of those surveyed had received a salary increase in the previous year and the median base salary for project managers within the United States was $105,000.
  • According to research published in the AACSB’s BizEd Magazine, project management is listed as one of the top ten skills that employers prize in their employees.
  • According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, individuals with expertise in supply chain management are in high demand. Business schools are struggling to keep up with that demand.
  • At selected AACSB schools, supply-chain majors from the class of 2012 earned average starting salaries of $56,410, compared with $50,098 for undergraduate business students overall.
  • Add value to your PSCM degree with certificates in enterprise resource planning. We offer SAP and Oracle certification opportunities.
  • Two hot fields packaged into one big degree! We are the only school in the Penn State system and one of a handful in the entire country to offer a major that integrates the project and supply chain management areas.

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