MMM Course Descriptions

MMM Course Descriptions

Core Courses

The MMM degree is awarded on the successful completion of 32 credits of required core course work. 

QMM 491* Introduction to Business Concepts for Manufacturing (3 credits) Introduction to business topics in accounting and finance for non-business students in manufacturing management.

QMM 492* Introduction to Engineering Design Principles (3 credits) Engineering principles including different engineering fields, graphics, design, solid modeling, and failure analysis.

* MMM degree program students will take either QMM 491 or QMM 492 depending on their academic background. 


QMM 851 Quality Management (3 credits) Concepts of design, assessment, and improvement of quality systems; customer needs analysis, identification of opportunities for application of measurement techniques.

QMM 552 Applied Statistical Process Control and Experimental Design (3 credits) Concepts and techniques of statistical process control and the design of experiments.

QMM 561 Manufacturing Systems Planning and Control I (3 credits) Systems, components, and configurations, flow of material and information in a manufacturing system.

QMM 562 Manufacturing Systems Planning and Control II (3 credits) Flow of material and information in a manufacturing system. Emphasis on systems integration.

QMM 871 Design Practice for Manufacturing I (3 credits) Contemporary concepts in design and design practice with emphasis on engineering, business, and human strategy issues.

QMM 872 Design Practice for Manufacturing II (3 credits) Contemporary concepts in design and design practice with emphasis on logistics, risk, design and manufacturing readiness, and production.

QMM 581 Manufacturing Processes and Materials (3 credits) Characteristics of materials with respect to their properties and associated choices of processing to create a range of products; including consideration of investment, tooling, materials, and manufacturing costs.

QMM 582 Manufacturing and Supply Chain Strategy (3 credits) Strategic decision context of manufacturing and its supply chains with linkage to corporate and business strategy.

QMM 891 Communication and Leadership Skills for Manufacturing Managers (1-3 credits) Applied principles of managerial, visual, and written communication hat support the needs of manufacturing leaders.

QMM 593 Field Experience in Manufacturing (1-2 credits) Experiential learning through the firsthand study of manufacturing plants and by interacting with manufacturing leaders.

Note: While the number of credits in any semester may vary, QMM 891 requires a total of 3 credits and QMM 593 requires a total of 2 credits.



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