MMM Curriculum

MMM Curriculum

The MMM degree is awarded on the successful completion of 32 credits of required course work. MMM degree program students will take either QMM 491 or QMM 492 depending on their academic background. All students will complete the remainder of the core courses described below for a total of 32 credits. There are no elective courses in the program.

MMM Part-Time Course Sequence

Below is the course sequence for part-time students entering the MMM program in the summer. 

Semester 1: Summer Credits   Semester 2: Fall Credits
QMM 491 Introduction to Business Concepts
    for Manufacturing*
3 QMM 851 Quality Management  3
QMM 492 Introduction to
    Engineering Design Principles*
3 QMM 561 Manufacturing Systems
    Planning & Control I
Semester 3: Spring     Semester 4: Summer  
QMM 552 Applied Statistical Process Control
​    and Experimental Design 
3 QMM 593 Field Experience in Manufacturing 2
QMM 562 Manufacturing Systems
   Planning & Control II 

QMM 891 Communication and Leadership
    Skills for Manufacturing Managers 

Semester 5: Fall     Semester 6: Spring  
QMM 871 Design Practice for Manufacturing I  3 QMM 872 Design Practice for Manufacturing II  3
QMM 581 Manufacturing Processes and Materials 3 QMM 582 Manufacturing and Supply Chain Strategy  3

* Depending on undergraduate major and professional experience, students will take either QMM 491 or QMM 492. 

There are no elective courses.


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