SAF Committee Members

SAF Committee Members

The SAF allocation committee is co-chaired by the Student Government Association President and the Director of Student Affairs. The rest of the committee is made up of six students as well as two faculty/staff.

RUB Information Desk Manager Christa Morris is a non-voting member of the committee and can answer questions regarding use of funds.


The committee is always looking for potential members and will accept applications even if there are currently no vacancies on the committee. Simply fill out the application on BehrendSync.

2017-18 SAF Allocation Committee

Student Members

  • Moustafa Elhadary (SAF Committee Co-Chair since 2016)
  • McKenna Aleksivich (member since 2016)
  • Chris Grow (member since 2016)
  • Kris Knorr (member since 2016)
  • Elizabeth Mamros (member since 2016)
  • Open
  • Open

Faculty/Staff Members

  • Ken Miller (Director of Student Affairs; SAF Committee Co-Chair)
  • Kris Torok (Director of Student Activities)
  • Brian Streeter (Senior Director of Athletics)