MET Extended Internship Program

MET Extended Internship Program

Internship plans for students in the MET program

The mechanical engineering technology (MET) program promotes several informal internship plans for interested students.

LEVEL 1 - Simple Internship Plan

At any time during your academic career, a student may participate in a summer internship experience at any location, worldwide. The value of this simple internship is not only summer pay, but also valuable, practical experience which builds the strength of your resume. Normally, no college credit is associated with the simple internship plans. Internship job leads are passed to students through the Penn State Behrend Academic and Career Planning Center, Nittany Lion Career Network, and are often found at the College's Career Fairs each year.

LEVEL 2 - Extended Internship Plan

Students pursuing this extended internship program are responsible for finding the internship employment. Since many students try to work too many hours while carrying full academic loads, the extended internship provides the student with a reduced course load and valuable work experience while earning funds to apply toward their schooling expenses. The extended internship program offers an excellent alternative to balance these demands while allowing for maximum academic achievement. MET advisors help the students plan their class schedules to accommodate part-time employment during the academic year. Students who pursue the informal extended internship should consider the following:

  • Take 12-14 credits per semester - this extended your academic progress by one additional semester
  • Work 12-18 hours per week during five semesters for an Erie area company
  • Work three summers, full-time for the company

Companies view the internship program as a valuable opportunity to acquaint  themselves with potential full-time engineering position candidates. The Penn State Behrend MET faculty strongly urge you to consider the extended internship program. If you have questions contact Mr. Shannon Sweeney at (814) 898-6049.


Summer: Full-time Internship at Local Company
Fall Semester, Junior Year Spring Semester, Junior Year
CHEM 110, CHEM 111 -OR-PHYS 251 Chemistry + Lab-OR-Physics-2 w/lab ENGL 202C Technical Writing
MET 320 Adv. Strength of Materials MET 306 Computer-Aided Design
MET 330 Thermodynamics MET 331W Heat Transfer
MATH 211 Intermed. Calc and Diff. Equations w. Appl. MET 415 Finite Element Analysis, Applications I
13 credits   13 credits  
Summer: Full-time Internship at Company
Fall Semester, Senior Year   Spring Semester, Senior Year  
MET 432 Fluid Power MANGT 409 Proj. Management for Engineers
MET 425 Finite Element Analysis, Applications II S/H/A Elective Select from Gen Ed List
MET 470 Materials Engineering Technical Elective Select from School Approved List
MET 341 Measurements S/H/A Elective Select from Gen Ed List
BB H/KINES Select from University List    
13.5 credits   12 credits  
Summer: Full-time internship at company, plus MET 495 formal internship (3 credits), includes summer tuition expense. See course requirements for MET 495 below (under LEVEL 3 - Senior Summer Internship for Credit)
Fifth Semester, Fifth Year      
MET 480 Senior Capstone    
S/H/A Elective Select from Gen Ed List    
Technical Elective Select from School Approved List    
S/H/A Elective Select from Gen Ed List    
BB H/KINES Select from University List    
11.5 credits      


LEVEL 3 - Senior Summer Internship for Credit