MBA Curriculum / Course Descriptions

MBA Curriculum / Course Descriptions

MBA students are required to complete 30 credits; 21 credits of Advanced Required course work and nine (9) credits of Electives that allow students to pursue more in-depth study in areas of special interest.

Prior to taking any Advanced Required courses, students must demonstrate competence in seven business disciplines via recent coursework or online modules.

Advance Required courses are delivered with 75% course content online and 25% course content in class. 

Class meeting times are scheduled for 3 hours; classes in Erie meet on campus and in Cranberry at the Regional Learning Alliance (RLA).  Class meeting times will typically be the first class of the term, the last regularly scheduled class OR the class in finals week and two other classes in the term. These are generally about a month apart.


Advanced Required Courses – 7 courses, 3 credits each

  • B ADM 510 - Cost Management for Decision Making and Control
    The study and use of accounting information for cost management, product costing, planning and controlling operations, and managerial decision making.
  • B ADM 512 - Managing Effective Organizations
    Understanding the critical and changing role of management in contemporary organizations.
  • B ADM 513 - Quantitative Methods for Business
    Effective management of the flow of goods, services, and information through the supply chain.
  • B ADM 514 - Strategic Planning and Business Policy
    Formulation of objectives and implementation of programs to promote long-range success of the organization in a changing environment. Prerequisites: B ADM 510, B ADM 512, B ADM 513, B ADM 597A
  • B ADM 526 - Leadership and Ethics
    A multi-perspective review of leadership theory and research with special emphasis given to the ethical dimensions of leadership.
  • B ADM 532 - Corporate Finance
    Application of modern corporate finance theory to corporate practice.
  • B ADM 597A - Product Development and Brand Strategy
    New product/service development and brand management strategies for competition intensive firms.

Elective Courses – 9 credits

  • Select three courses from University list.
  • Most elective courses are offered 100% online.
  • Typically, five electives are offered in the program annually, four of which are in summer courses. Up to two 400-level classes or courses from other graduate programs can be taken as electives with the approval of the MBA director.
  • For information about electives, contact MBA Academic Director, Dr. Al Warner at