MBA Pre-Enrollment Competencies

MBA Pre-Enrollment Competencies

Prior to beginning the 30 credit MBA program, you will need to demonstrate competence in seven key business disciplines.      

  1. Accounting         
  2. Finance  
  3. Economics         
  4. Management       
  5. Marketing           
  6. Operations          
  7. Statistics

There are two routes to obtain competence:

  1. Show transcript grades (undergraduate or graduate) of B or better in these courses, within last 7 years, AND/OR
  2. Take modules from and/or Harvard Business School for all or only those disciplines in which you need to demonstrate competence.
  • Modules are self-paced and can be started anytime but must be completed prior to enrolling in classes.
  • Students may need all modules or only a few.
  • Students who need all 7 areas should complete Modules 100, 200, 300 and HBS Accounting and HBS Finance.
  • To access modules, email Dr. Al Warner, the Academic Director, at
  • Each module finishes with a pass/fail examination which can be repeated, if needed.
  • Students must attain a “pass” rating and submit examination reports.

All MBA students must submit the Proof of Pre-Enrollment Competencies form to indicate how they have obtained competence.

  • Submit this form prior to your first semester of enrollment.

APBM – Association of Professional Business Management

  • Module 100: Management, also includes Economics and Statistics
  • Module 200: Operations
  • Module 300: Marketing
    Cost: $250 each, $650 for all three

HBS – Harvard Business School

  • Finance: Finance Online course, Cost: $45, Seat time: 15 hours
  • Accounting: Financial Accounting Online course, Cost: $55, Seat time: 22 hours
  • Statistics: Quantitative Methods Online course, Cost: $75, Seat time: 20 hours

Contact Dr. Al Warner at or at 814-898-6509 if you have questions.