There are several different types of accounts that are available for accessing the University's resources.  These include:

Access Accounts

An Access Account consists of a user ID and password that enables you to use the public labs as well as the full range of network-based services on and off campus.  This account also allows you to access other administrative and academic resources provided by the University, such as LionPath, CollegeNet, Canvas, ESSIC, tutorials, and many more.

When you receive this account, be sure to change your password and create your security questions.


Students typically retrieve their Access Account prior to their arrival for New Student Orientation (NSO).  If you are an incoming freshman student, you will receive an email from the Identity Services Office at University Park.  This email will instruct you to visit a web site so that you can create your password and select your security questions.  If you did not activate your Access Account prior to or at NSO, then you will need to use a signature station to do so.  

Faculty and Staff

New faculty and staff receive their Access Account after completing the Access Account Application for Faculty and Staff.  This form is available from the staff assistant in the school or department for which you work.  After this form has been processed by University Park, use a signature station to activate your account.

P Accounts/P Drive

All incoming students receive local network storage space.  This storage space is referred to as the personal "P" account or "P" Drive and it remains active for one year after graduation.

Students registered for a fall semester automatically receive this account.  Every attempt is made to establish "P" accounts for those students who attend Behrend for the first time during a spring semester or summer session.  Occasionally, for example, if someone registers late, then the student needs to request that their account be generated.  To request an account, visit the Service Desk in Hammermill 135.  

See P Drive (login) to learn more about this type of account.

Friends of Penn State (FOPS or FPS)

A Friends of Penn State account is for those who are not directly affiliated with the University.  This limited account allows you to access certain web-based applications and services.  For example, a FPS account allows someone to apply online for undergraduate or graduate admissions.  For more information or to apply, visit Friends of Penn State.

Slim Accounts

A Slim Account is similar to an Access Account, but is configured with the minimum access that is needed for a particular situation.  These accounts are typically requested by a school or department.  

A Sponsored Slim Account is a special type of Access Account for someone who is not a PSU student or employee.  This account must be sponsored by a Penn State department or school for the designated individual; to create this account, refer to the instructions for Sponsored Slim Accounts (login).

Signature Stations

Signature Stations are used to activate your Access Account.  Please be sure to bring your Penn State ID+ card along with your user ID.  You can find the stations at the following locations on campus:

  • Burke Center (by the Information Technology Help Desk)
  • Information Technology Service Desk in Hammermill 135
  • Registrar's Office (Metzger Building)
  • Senat Hall​