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Behrend Named One of 10 Best Branch Campuses

Lion at Behrend EntrancePenn State Behrend has been named one of the 10 best branch campuses "with impressive reputations all their own" – a list that also includes satellites of Carnegie Mellon, Tu

Bourquin Scores 1,000th Point, Then Adds 70 More

Holly Borquin, Women's Basketball“She still has some time left,” said Roz Fornari, head coach of the Penn State Behrend women’s basketball team. “We’ll see at the end of it where she fits into the record books.”

Students, Alumni Inducted into Engineering Honor Society

They are expected to get even better. Tau Beta Pi members are required to tutor and do community service, and to be active at both social events and professional seminars.

“We want members of our society to constantly enhance their education beyond the formal classroom,” said Bill Lasher, Ph.D., professor of mechanical engineering and adviser to the chapter, which was formally installed in late January.

First Members of History Honor Society to be Inducted in April

Seventeen students are currently eligible, said Amy Carney, assistant professor of history and the chapter’s adviser. She plans to schedule guest speakers and career-development seminars for the group.

“We’d like our students to learn more about what it means to be a historian,” she said.

The first chapter of Phi Alpha Theta was formed in Arkansas in 1921. The society now has more than 350,000 members.

Students, Fueled by Red Bull, Develop Four Videogames in 48 Hours

The four games created by students at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, last week were inspired by the sound of a heartbeat – the assigned theme for this year’s Global Game Jam, an annual hacker marathon – and by a ticking clock: The teams had just 48 hours to create, code and upload their games, which anyone can now play.

GE Transportation Will Match Behrend THON Donations

Penn State Behrend students already have raised $14,000 for this year’s THON, which begins Feb. 16. To contribute, go to, click “Donate Now,” and select Behrend as your organization of choice.

Waging war on weeds: Graduate leads effort to rid park of invasive plants

Presque Isle State Park in Erie is under siege. Invasive plant species are pushing out the native species and that spells trouble for the insects, animals, and microorganisms that rely on native plants. It’s an epic battle that has ensnared the park’s trees in the vines of Oriental bittersweet, filled the wetlands with Phragmites australis, and clogged paths with garlic mustard.

Enter the Weed Warriors

School of Engineering ventures into rapidly growing field of medical plastics

With a growth rate of nearly 10 percent annually, sales projected to reach $6.55 billion this year, and an estimated 100,000 jobs, the medical plastics sector in the United States is a flourishing industry.