Academic Help

Academic Help

Tools and resources to help you achieve academic success.


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A Particular Subject

See a tutor, join a study group, or visit your instructor's office hours to get help with a course.


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Academic Warning, Suspension & Dismissal

Time to seek help and take an active approach to improve your academics.


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Adjustment to College

Find out how to get involved, talk to someone who can help, and find other support on campus.


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Direction & Goals

Discover ways to select a major, set goals for college and find career-oriented help.


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Finances for College

Get help with tuition, financial aid, and scholarships.


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Find help getting motivated to choose a major, focus on classes and avoid procrastination.


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Personal Issues

Find someone to talk to as well as resources to help with things like anxiety and stress.


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Study Skills & Time Management

Find ways to study smarter, not harder.


A computer keyboard


Learn about resources to help with LionPATH, online coursework, and other computer questions.