Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Costa RicaWhy study abroad?

Expand your academic background

Studying abroad for a semester provides great variety in course offerings, giving you access to unique topics of personal interest or specialized courses that will enhance your resume. You can find courses with the same content as those at Penn State, so you can meet graduation requirements. Visit our Short-Term Study Abroad page to learn about new programs in London, England & Kyiv (also known as Kiev), UkraineRome, Italy; and San Salvador, The Bahamas.

Accelerate personal growth

When you study abroad, you’re learning all the time—inside the classroom and out. No matter where you go or what you study, you’ll never look at the world the same way again.

Increase your career opportunities

Today, even small, local companies have global interests. An international experience will give you an extra edge on your resume or graduate school application—and give you experiences to discuss during interviews that will highlight your maturity, adaptability, and initiative.

Go for just ten days…or for a whole year

At Penn State Behrend, your international study experience can be as short as ten days or as long as a full academic year, depending on the type of program you select. International study programs are happening all during the year, too—at semester breaks and in the summer as well as during fall and spring semesters. 

Second language not required

You do not have to speak a second language, but you do have to be a good student to be eligible for international study. The minimum grade point average is a 2.5, and many programs require a 3.0. Prerequisites vary by program.

Programs are open to all Penn State undergraduate students. 


Your first step: Attend an Information Session in 208 Lilley Library.

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