Student Research

Student Research

Student ResearchPenn State Behrend is committed to making research a major component of the undergraduate educational experience. Many opportunities for student research are offered, including an academic year undergraduate research grant program, an annual research award, summer research fellowships, an annual research and creative accomplishment conference, and travel grants for students to attend professional meetings. Annually, the college provides nearly $350,000 of support for undergraduate research. 

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Research Benefits

Doing undergraduate research will help you:

  • Learn in depth about the latest technologies and information
  • Work closely with scholars in your area of interest
  • Gain hands-on experience of value to your future career
  • Build stronger, lasting relationships with faculty members
  • Gain skills and experiences that will help you gain admission to graduate schools
  • Share the excitement of making new discoveries, writing original prose or poetry, designing a new or improved product, or generating research outcomes that are actually used
  • Potentially get published as an undergraduate
  • Earn money or credit while conducting research
  • Augment your critical thinking, leadership, and other skills

Undergraduate Student Research Grant Programs

The college administers two grant programs for undergraduate students: the Academic Year Undergraduate Research Grants and the Summer Research Fellowship Grant. These programs are designed to provide additional incentive for student involvement in faculty research projects. Annually, each student is eligible for grants totaling $2,200. The students are required to go through a formal proposal process, including selection of a faculty mentor, development of a research project, composition of a formatted proposal, and the experience of a review process at the school and college level.