Roche Hall Drop-In Tutoring Schedule

Roche Hall Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-in hours do appear on TutorTrac. However, they follow the same 15-hour display rule as appointments. If you need a tutor today, you’ll see the options only on this page.

Drop-in hours can change occasionally. Be sure to check back for updated information.

Please note that tutor absences occur. Please check TutorTrac for day-to-day changes to the drop-in schedule. Use these TutorTrac instructions.

Roche Hall Weekly Drop-in Schedule

Located on 2nd floor, Roche Hall.

Time Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.
11:00–12:00 Trinity P,
Mallory C
Mallory C Paige D Landon E, 
Julian G
Mallory C,
Liz M
12:00–1:00 Mia W,
Jonah H
Mallory C,
Dylan B
Mia W,
Liz M
Landon E,
Mallory C
Liz M,
Hannah G,
Jonah H
1:00–2:00 Mia W,
Trinity P
Miranda J,
Dylan B
Trinity P,
Mia W
Miranda J Dylan B,
Trinity P
2:00–3:00 Simon B,
Trinity P
Miranda J,
Dylan B
Trinity P,
Mia W
Miranda J CLOSED
6:00–8:00 Olivia S,
Joshua F

Joshua F,
Landon E

Olivia S,
Joshua F
Landon E,
Mason W

Courses available: 

  • ACCTG: Mia W
  • BIOL 110: Joshua F, Liz M, Miranda J, Mason W
  • BIOL 161: Paige D
  • BIOL 162: Paige D
  • BIOL 220W: Miranda J
  • BIOL 240W: Mallory C, Joshua F, Liz M
  • CHEM 110: Dylan B, Landon E, Joshua F, Trinity P, Olivia S, Liz M, Julian G, Jonah H
  • CHEM 111: Olivia S, Liz M
  • CHEM 112: Joshua F, Olivia S, Miranda J, Jonah H
  • CHEM 113: Olivia S
  • CHEM 210: Joshua F
  • CHEM 227: Joshua F, Olivia S
  • CHEM 358: Joshua F
  • CHEM 450: Joshua F, Olivia S
  • CHEM 451: Joshua F
  • CHEM 472: Joshua F
  • CMPSC 121: Dylan B, Mason W, Julian G
  • CMPSC 122: Mason W, Julian G
  • CMPSC 221: Mason W
  • ECON 102: Olivia S
  • EE 316: Landon B
  • EGT 120: Mia W
  • EMCH 211: Dylan B, Mia W
  • HDFS 129: Paige D
  • MATH 140: Trinity P
  • MATH 140 and Lower: Olivia S, Miranda J
  • MATH 141 and Lower: Mallory C, Mia W, Jonah H
  • MATH 230: Olivia S
  • MATH 230 and Lower: Landon E, Mason W
  • MATH 250 and Lower: Simon B, Julian G
  • MATH 251 and Lower: Landon B, Dylan B, Hannah G
  • MATH 311W: Mason W
  • MATH 412: Hannah G
  • METEO 5: Landon E
  • MICRB 107: Paige D
  • NURS 350: Paige D
  • NUTR 251: Paige D, Miranda J, Mason W
  • PHIL 1: Paige D
  • PLSC 7N: Paige D
  • SOC 1: Joshua F
  • PHYS 211: Mia W, Julian G, Jonah H
  • PHYS 212: Julian G, Jonah H
  • PHYS 250: Miranda J
  • SCM 200: Mia W
  • STAT 200: Hannah G, Julian G
  • STAT 318: Landon B, Hannah G, Mason W
  • Writing: Landon B, Liz M