Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Master's degree student on campus

Master's degree student on campus. 

Image: Penn State

Advance your career with a master’s degree from Penn State. Penn State Behrend offers five graduate-degree programs in growing professional disciplines.

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Master of Arts in Applied Clinical Psychology (M.A.)

The Master of Arts in Applied Clinical Psychology is a 48-credit research-based degree program. This graduate degree in empirically validated clinical psychology is attractive to employers and doctoral programs alike, and offers you more opportunity than a degree solely focused on counseling. Preparation for the Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) designation is an option for our M.A. graduates, and so are doctoral study, teaching, research, and mental-health administration.

With an additional 12 credits of course work and further supervised clinical training, you will be eligible to seek the LPC designation in Pennsylvania and most other states. 

The M.A. is a full-time program delivered through daytime class meetings. 

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Penn State Behrend’s 30-credit MBA program emphasizes development of your personal leadership style as well your critical thinking, planning, and problem-solving skills. You’re going to find that your professors shape their courses to meet the demands of a global, technology-driven business environment—in fact, students report that they often immediately apply on the job what they are learning in class.

You have three flexible MBA program options: Full-time or part-time study in Erie or part-time study at the Regional Learning Alliance in Cranberry Township. All three programs follow the same curriculum and are delivered in a hybrid format of 75 percent asynchronous online learning and 25 percent in-class instruction.

Master of Manufacturing Management (M.M.M.) 

The Master of Manufacturing Management degree program educates professionals who want to develop in-depth, relevant manufacturing knowledge while also advancing their engineering and management skill sets. 

This 32-credit program can be pursued on a part-time basis that is ideal for working professionals, or as a full-time program that can be completed in one year. The latter option appeals to college students about to graduate from programs in business, science, or engineering who are looking for a one-year master’s degree program. New for 2018: MMM program delivery is now primarily online. Full-time students make two weekend campus visits each semester; part-time students make one visit. All students also attend one three-day summer residency for plant visits. 

Master of Professional Accounting (M.P.Acc.)

All states now require 150 credit hours of education for Certified Public Accountant licensure, which the Master of Professional Accounting degree program fulfills. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, and the Federation of Schools of Accountancy all support the 150-hour education requirement for entry into the accounting profession. Increasingly complex business methods, growing sophistication in auditing approaches, new tax laws, and demand for highly technical services require you have an expanded knowledge base.

This 30-credit program can be completed in one year of full-time study.

Master of Project Management (M.P.M.)

This fully online degree program is offered in partnership with Penn State World Campus. The M.P.M. is a 30-credit interdisciplinary program that uses problem-based learning to provide a thorough understanding of all aspects of project-management theory and practice. It can be pursued as either a full-time or part-time program.


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