Campus Directory | Staff

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Jacob Adams [email protected]
Assistant Bookstore Manager, Behrend Bookstore
Bookstore, Reed Union Building 814-898-6236
Heather Agnello [email protected]
Proposal and Award Generalist, Grants and Contracts
Balmer House 814-898-6027
Shawn Alexander [email protected]
Systems Administrator, Information Technology Services
130 Hammermill 814-898-7208
Tracy Alexander [email protected]
HR Administrative Assistant, Human Resources
111 Glenhill Farmhouse 814-898-7233
Jennifer Anderson [email protected]
College Health Nurse, Health and Wellness
Carriage House 814-898-6217
Emily Artello, Ed.M. [email protected]
Associate Director, Exploratory and Pre-Major Advising
125 Reed 814-898-6164
Jason Artello [email protected]
Network Administrator, Information Technology Services
133 Hammermill 814-898-6416
Shelly Banta [email protected]
Administrative Support Assistant, Health and Wellness
1 Carriage House 814-898-6217
Jeff Barber, M.Ed. [email protected]
College for Kids Coordinator and Education Program Specialist, Youth Education Outreach
209 Burke 814-898-6507
Karen Barnes [email protected]
Group Leader, Mail Clerk Driver, Mail Services
Andrew Bartlett [email protected]
Machinist, School of Engineering
125 Burke 814-898-6512
Christopher Bartlett [email protected]
Machinist, School of Engineering
126 Burke 814-898-6407
Kenneth Bauer [email protected]
Systems Administrator, Information Technology Services
137 Hammermill 814-898-6143
Amy Bender, A.A. [email protected]
Exam Proctor (Part-Time), Educational Equity and Diversity Programs
Perry Hall 814-898-7101
Erika Berlin, M.A. [email protected]
Community Outreach Coordinator, Susan Hirt Hagen CORE
Lecturer (Part-Time), Communication
CORE, Federal House 814-898-6056
Joyce Bevan [email protected]
Administrative Support Coordinator, Nursing
140 Otto Behrend Science 814-898-7583
Abbe Biebel, B.S. [email protected]
K-12 Program Educator, Youth Education Outreach
209 Burke 814-898-6655
Kristin Bowers [email protected]
Associate Director of Marketing Services, Strategic Communications
218 Glenhill Farmhouse 814-898-6645
Deborah Brady [email protected]
Library Assistant, John M. Lilley Library
121 Lilley Library 814-898-6106
Jane Brady [email protected]
College Registrar, Penn State Behrend
206 Metzgar Center 814-898-6104