Mold Maintenance Principles and Mold Relocation Considerations

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Course Description

Instructor: Brian Young

Fee: $1,000


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Educational Goals

This seminar will teach sound principles for increasing mold and tool room efficiency. Instruction will demonstrate why it is critical to identify and separate the different skill levels and maintenance stages and couple these with accurate mold histories. Participants also will be shown how to organize and document a mold tracking system that will pay great productivity dividends on the production floor. They will be guided through the steps to organize a maintenance program that will keep molds running.

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved with molds and tooling should attend this one-day seminar. Supervisors, quality assurance, designers, mold maintenance technicians, processors, set-up technicians, and machine operators can benefit from attending.

Course Outline

  1. New Molds
    • Specifying the build
    • Designing for easy maintenance
    • Measurements and start-up checks
    • Setting up a maintenance system
    • Inspecting the new mold
  2. Older Molds
    • Establishing cleaning schedule
    • Teardown and repair
    • What to document
    • Running full cavitation
    • Spare parts inventory
  3. Acquired Molds
    • Documenting what was received
    • Evaluation and reporting
  4. Setting Up the System
    • Proactive vs. reactive
    • Getting everyone involved
    • Training Procedures
    • Learning from mistakes
    • Tracking cycles and scheduling downtime