Investigations for Promotion to Full Professor


The number of promotions of faculty to full professor are much lower than at University Park. The committee will review policies and procedures and develop best practices for promotion.

To address this charge, members of the faculty affairs committee proposed a motion at the most recent faculty council meeting (on October 19, 2015) to form an ad hoc committee to investigate this charge.


The motion states: To appoint, from a list of volunteers, a task force composed of tenured or tenure-track faculty (two from each School) to pursue the following goals:

  1. Review individual School policies on promotion from associate to full professor. Gather data, compare, and analyze significant similarities and differences.
  2. Develop a document of best practices for promotion to full professor within our Behrend realities, e.g., a campus with high research expectations without the research environment of a research I campus (e.g., 3-3 teaching load, no graduate students)
  3. Develop a document of best practices to evaluate research in addition to external letters by experts in the candidate’s field.
  4. Benchmark data against similar institutions.


  • None available.