Respond to Messages

Listen to a Message Header

The header consists of the person calling, date, time, and the number from where they called.

Press 0 to listen to a header.


Press 23 to replay the header.


Scan Your Messages

There is a three second pause between messages so you can perform an action. "Next message" is heard when moving on. If you only listen to the header, the message is still considered "new".

  1. At the menu, press 7. (This number is not listed in the menu.)
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Press 1, to hear the headers and messages.
    • Press 2, to hear only the headers.
    • Press 3, to hear only the messages.


Respond to a Message

To call the sender, press 0. This is a call to the person, not to their voicemail.

To reply to the message, press 1.

You can attach the message you received by pressing Y for yes or N for no. Record the message you wish to send. Press # for approval and #, again to send. You will then be returned to getting your messages.

If a message has been forwarded to you, the reply will go to the person who forwarded the message, not the original messenger.

To forward a message and attach your message to the front of the message, press 2. This allows you to send the message you have received to others, while adding your own comments.

To add a comment to the end of a message, press 3. Record your message. After you have completed your comments, press # to approve. Press #, again, to send. *Messages marked personal may not be forwarded*

*Messages left by off campus calls (except through networking) can not be replied to.*


Delete a Message

To delete your messages, press *D.


Undelete a Message

If you accidentally delete your message, you can restore it by pressing **U. (This only works immediately after you have deleted the message before continuing on or taking another action.)


Save a Message

To save your message as an old message, press #. The total amount of both new and old messages you can save is 20 minutes.