Multi-Campus Registration Request Form

Procedure for all non-Erie/Behrend students requesting Erie/Behrend classes:

  • Requests will be accepted one week before the start of classes for the semester.  Forms submitted prior to that will not be held for review.
  • Beginning Fall 2023, enrolling in more than 19 credits per term will result in a tuition surcharge. Please visit for more information. By submitting this form you are acknowledging that you are willing to pay this additional surcharge if registration in this course brings you above 19 credits for the term. 
  • Students must have a majority of their courses scheduled at their home campus.
  • There is no guarantee of placement in a course; course prerequisites, controls, or other restrictions may be enforced.
  • Full-time students are limited to 6 credits per semester; part-time students are limited to 4 credits per semester.  A separate form must be completed for each requested course (if more than one).
  • You will receive a confirmation email if we are able to register you for the course.
  • Students cannot be registered for the same course at multiple campuses.  If you are currently registered for the same course at your home campus, we will not be able to add you to the Erie/Behrend course until you drop your current course.  Please do not drop your current course until we have confirmed that we can register you in the Erie/Behrend course.
Student Information
(9 digits, begins with a 9; no spaces or hyphens)
(include area code, e.g. 999-999-9999)
Course Information
You can find this number in the first column of a class search in LionPath. (Maximum of 5 numbers)
(Example: For MATH 140 - 001, type: MATH)
(Example: For MATH 140 - 001, type: 140)
(Example: For MATH 140 - 001, type: 001)
If course has associated lab (Maximum of 5 numbers)
(Example: For BIOL 240W.002L, type: 002L)
(Enter as: yyyy)