Director's Message

A portrait of Eric W. Corty, director of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Penn State Behrend.

It is an odd feeling to be writing my last Director’s Message for H&SS News. This summer, I told Chancellor Ford and the faculty and staff of H&SS that I would be retiring at the end of this academic year—June 30, 2022.

At the time, that seemed so far away, almost a full year. But now, as I’m writing this, it is already only 10 months away, and I am aware of just how quickly the time is passing. This fall, academic convocation—the joyous opening of the new school year—was different for me. I realized it was the last time I would participate in such an event.

I think this year will be like that. The months will inexorably tick by, surprising me with their swiftness. The markers of the academic calendar—fall finals, writing tenure and promotion letters, searches for new faculty members, spring finals, and graduation—will assume additional significance.

I started here at Penn State Behrend in 1993 in a one-year, non-tenure track position. I liked my colleagues; I liked the students; I liked the emphasis on both teaching and research. When I was offered a tenure-track position for the next year, it was an easy decision. I was promoted to associate professor and then professor. I became associate director of the school and then director.

I hope that our school, my school, has been changed in positive ways by me. I know that I have been changed by it. Thank you for a wonderful career in a special place.

Eric Corty, Director of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences