Director's Message

Martin Kociolek, Ph.D.

Martin Kociolek, Ph.D.

Credit: Penn State Behrend

Impact. That word has been used more than a few times over the past two years, primarily to describe the negative effects of the pandemic. As I look across the School of Science, I see "impact" of a decidedly more positive nature—in the work of our faculty, staff, and students.

Whether they are being recognized for contributing to the health of the Great Lakes or making our campus safer for some of our smallest inhabitants, many in our School of Science community are having a positive impact on the environment—on the world—around us.

Never has the need to create a scientifically aware community been more evident. From faculty educating the public about invasive species to award-winning education alumni instilling an appreciation for math in the next generation, we take seriously our role of helping to develop a scientifically literate society.

Students are the reason we're here, and that's where the impact becomes most meaningful—from scholarships that support future educators to research experiences with faculty that support future scientists to emotional and moral support that peers provide through sticky-notes on a window, helping students succeed is the goal.

As you read this issue of Science News, I encourage you to do more than just read the stories. Think about the impact of each of them. This is what truly epitomizes who we are in the School of Science.

Dr. Marty Kociolek
Director of the School of Science