Director’s Message

Martin Kociolek, Ph.D.

Martin Kociolek, Ph.D.

Credit: Penn State Behrend

As we celebrate Behrend’s 75th anniversary, it is remarkable to think about how far Science at Behrend has come in that time.

While many things have changed, our core priorities remain the same and are reflected in this issue of Science News.

Concern for our planet and our impact on the world drives many of the things we do. The introduction of electric vehicle charging stations, college-wide sustainability efforts, and faculty research at the interface of society and the environment are all testaments to our commitment to better understand and better steward the world around us.

Leveraging technology to advance our core mission of teaching is always at the forefront of our minds. We’re using virtual and augmented reality (VAR) to enhance our training of future nurses, and through the college’s partnership with Magee-Womens Research Institute, we’ve acquired high-end microscopy equipment to explore the inner reaches of cells. Those are just two examples of the ways we are working to deliver education that supports our students’ future career success.

As both scientists and educators, we are committed to educating not only our own students but lighting the spark in future generations of scientists. Bungee-jumping Barbies, floating cardboard boats, and glasses to safely view an upcoming one-in-a-lifetime eclipse: They all represent the effort to spread the word and knowledge of science that is central to our school’s mission.

I hope you enjoy reading about the exciting happenings in the School of Science, and as you do, reflect on how Science has changed—and stayed the same, too—over the past 75 years at Penn State Behrend.

Dr. Marty Kociolek
Director, School of Science