Ahmed Elnakib, Ph.D.

Ahmed Elnakib, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
157 Burke
Mailing Address:
ERIE PA 16563

I am an Assistant Professor with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, School of Engineering, Penn State Behrend, The Behrend College, Erie, PA, USA. My extensive research portfolio boasts over 50 journal articles, seven book chapters, and more than 50 conference papers, published in prestigious journals, such as Scientific Reports and IEEE Transactions, alongside presentations at IEEE-affiliated conferences. I served as a respected reviewer and an editor for leading medical signal analysis journals.

Computer Aided Diagnostics, Signal and Image Analysis, Bioimaging, Machine and Deep Learning

Breast Cancer Segmentation From Ultrasound Images Using Deep Dual-Decoder Technology With Attention Network, IEEE Access - January 8, 2024
Collaborators: Asmaa HEKAL, Author; Hossam El-Din Moustafa, Co-Author; Hanan Amer, Co-Author

Diagnostic value of PET imaging in clinically unresponsive patients, The British Journal of Radiology - December 13, 2023
Collaborators: Hashim Farg, Author; Ahmad Gebreil, Co-Author; Ahmed Alksas, Co-Author; Eric van Bogaert, Co-Author; Ali Mahmoud, Co-Author; Ashraf Khalil, Co-Author; Mohammed Ghazal, Co-Author; Mohamed Abou El-Ghar, Co-Author; Ayman El-Baz, Co-Author; Sohail Contractor, Co-Author

Impact of Imaging Biomarkers and AI on Breast Cancer Management: A Brief Review, Cancers - October 30, 2023
Collaborators: Gehad Saleh, Author; Nihal Batouty, Author; Abdelrahman Gamal, Co-Author; Omar Hamdy, Co-Author; Ahmed Sharafeldeen, Co-Author; Ali Mahmoud, Co-Author; Mohammed Ghazal, Co-Author; Jawad Yousef, Co-Author; Marah Alhalabi, Co-Author; Amal AbouEleneen, Co-Author; Ahmed Tolba, Co-Author; Samir Elmougy, Co-Author; Sohail Contractor, Co-Author; Ayman El-Baz, Co-Author

A personalized classification of behavioral severity of autism spectrum disorder using a comprehensive machine learning framework, Scientific Reports - October 9, 2023
Collaborators: Mohamed Ali, Author; Ahmed Gebreil, Co-Author; Yaser ElNakieb, Co-Author; Ahmed Shalaby, Co-Author; Ali Mahmoud, Co-Author; Ahmed Sleman, Co-Author; Guruprasad Giridharan, Co-Author; Gregory Barnes, Co-Author; Ayman El-Baz, Co-Author

Role of Artificial Intelligence for Autism Diagnosis Using DTI and fMRI: A Survey, biomedicines - June 29, 2023
Collaborators: Eman Helmy, Author; Yaser ElNakieb, Co-Author; Mohamed Khudri, Co-Author; Mostafa Abdelrahim, Co-Author; Jawad Yousaf, Co-Author; Mohammed Ghazal, Co-Author; Sohail Contractor, Co-Author; Gregory Barnes, Co-Author; Ayman El-Baz, Co-Author

Diabetic retinopathy detection using 3d oct features, 2023 IEEE 20th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI) - April 18, 2023
Collaborators: Ahmed Sharafeldeen, Author; Mahmoud Elgafi, Co-Author; Ali Mahmoud, Co-Author; Ahmed Elgarayhi, Co-Author; Norah Alghamdi, Co-Author; Mohammed Sallah, Co-Author; Ayman El-Baz, Co-Author

Understanding the Role of Connectivity Dynamics of Resting-State Functional MRI in the Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Comprehensive Study, Bioengineering - January 2, 2023
Collaborators: Yaser ElNakieb, Author; Mohamed Ali, Author; Ahmed Shalaby, Co-Author; Ali Mahmoud, Co-Author; Ahmed Soliman, Co-Author; Gregory Barnes, Co-Author; Ayman El-Baz, Co-Author

Doctor of Philosophy , Electrical and Computer Engineering, Univeristy of Louisville

Master of Science, Electrical Communication Engineering, Mansoura University

B.Sc., Electronics & Communications Engineering, Mansoura University