Amos Ong, Ph.D.

Amos Ong, Ph.D.
Assistant Teaching Professor, Mathematics
9 Prischak

Mailing Address:
ERIE PA 16563

I was born in Singapore on April 1965, the same year Singapore became independent from Malaysia. My brother and I were brought up by our grandparents on this tiny island nation. I had a very happy childhood. I always loved Mathematics and my only brother, who later became an artist, now lives in Vermont.

I got a Master of Arts degree from Canada and got another Master of Arts degree from Rochester, NY. After that, I pursued a Ph.D. on Algebraic Topology.

I met my wife while travelling in Jakarta in Indonesia and now we are married and have a beautiful daughter.

I like spending time with my family be it cooking or dining together or simply going for a walk around the neighborhood. I also like practicing Tai Chi and jogging.

I love teaching and enjoy inspiring students on all the different areas of Mathematics that once inspired me. I am still amazed by the Math that I learn and rediscovering many new things as I embark on my mathematical career.

Teaching Specialties

  • Calculus
  • Algebra
  • Topology

Teaching Statement

I teach mainly Calculus I, II, or III. Sometimes, I'll be given classes on Linear Algebra or Technical Calculus that does not have sine or cosine to teach.

For lower-level classes, I believe in engaging them in class activities and doing worksheets after every topic. I tell them learning Calculus is very similar to joining a swim team. Both need daily practice, the more you do, the better you become. After you learn the techniques, then you can start to enjoy it.

Research Interests

I did my doctorate in Algebraic Topology, but I also published in other areas of Mathematics. I am now working with Dr. Galiffa on Special Functions and have an interest in Golay Code with Dr. Becker. Dr. Galiffa and I have finished Case One of the paper entitled "A Characterization of an Askey-Wilson Difference Equation." This is a paper that characterizes orthogonal polynomials base on the Structure Equation given by the Askey-Wilson divided difference operator and the Three-Term Recurrence Relation.

We are working on Case Two of the same problem and there is hope that we might be able to discover some more sets of Orthogonal Polynomials.


Algebraic Topology. Special Function

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Collaborator: Daniel Galiffa, Co-Author

A Characterization of an Askey-Wilson Difference Equation, Journal of Difference Equation and Applications - June, 2014
Collaborator: Daniel Galiffa, Co-Author

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Collaborators: L. Downey; J. Sellers

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Collaborator: L. Downey

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Collaborators: M. Guest; M. Kwiecinski

Ph D, Pure Math -- Algebraic Topology, The University of Rochester

MA, Mathematics, The University of Rochester

MA, Mathematics , York University

BS, Mathematics, National Univesity of Singapore