Anthony Foyle, Ph.D.

Anthony Foyle, Ph.D.
Department Chair of Environmental Sciences & Environmental Studies, Environmental Science
Department Chair of Sciences & Geoscience, Science and Geoscience
Associate Professor of Geology, Environmental Science
Office Phone
Office Location
24 Hammermill
ERIE PA 16563

B.S. 1985: Geology (Hons), National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland
M.S. 1986: Petroleum Geology, National University of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
Ph.D. 1994: Oceanography, Old Dominion University, Norfolk VA

Teaching Specialties

  • Earth Science
  • Coastal Geology
  • Oceanography
  • Environmental Geology

Funded Projects and Grants

  • S Rafferty (Pennsylvania Sea Grant); AM Foyle (Penn State Erie, Environmental Science); M Naber (Penn State Erie, Environmental Science); and K Noce, (Penn State Erie, MIS). Pennsylvania Great Lakes Services Integration Project. Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. $716,711. 2015-2018. 
  • AM Foyle (Environmental Science Program) and MW Justik (Chemistry Program). Hydrology of a late Holocene cat's-eye pond sequence, Presque Isle, Pennsylvania. Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment. $5,000. 2014-2015.
  • Implementation of a Beach Sanitary Survey at Presque Isle State Park Beaches Two and Ten, Erie, PA. Range, D. (ECDH-principal Investigator), J. Covert (co-principal investigator), L. Boughton (co-principal investigator), R. Diz (co-principal investigator), A. Foyle (co-principal investigator), and S. Mauro (co-principal investigator). Submitted Through the Erie County Department of Health (ECDH) and the Regional Science Consortium (TREC) in Collaboration with Investigators from Gannon Behrend, and Mercyhurst. United States Environmental Protection Agency, $135,000. October 2007-2008.
  • Raising Awareness of Long-Term Sediment Loading, Presque Isle Bay, PA. Foyle, A. (principal investigator) and K. Norton (co-principal investigator). Great Lakes Commission, Great Lakes Basin Program for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control. $50,100. July 2004-June 2006.
  • An Integrated GIS-Based Approach to Quantifying the Rates of, and Stratigraphic Controls on Coastal Change on the Georgia Bight. Alexander, C. (principal investigator), A. Foyle (co-principal investigator), D. Bush (co-principal investigator), S. Langley (co-principal investigator), V. Henry (co-principal investigator), N. Driscoll (co-principal investigator), and P. Gayes (co-principal investigator). United States Geological survey/South Carolina Sea Grant. $228,000. 2000-2003.
  • Structure and Stratigraphy of the Gulf Trough, Onshore Georgia. Henry, V. (principal investigator), A. Foyle (co-principal investigator), and J. Reichard (co-principal investigator). Georgia Department of Natural Resources – Environmental Protection Division. $34,000. 2001.
Research Interests

Coastal Geology, Sequence Stratigraphy, Environmental Geophysics


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Ph D, Oceanography, Old Dominion University

MS, Petroleum Geology, NUI University College Dublin

BS, Geology, Honors, NUI University College Galway