Baiou Shi, Ph.D.

Baiou Shi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
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242 AMIC Building
ERIE PA 16510
Research Interests

My research applies simulation techniques across multiple length and time scales to better understand the mechanical response of various materials. Current studies include atomic-scale simulations on dynamic wetting and spreading, capillary driven fluid flow in reactive flow systems, nanosuspension self-pinning phenomenon and direct computation of capillary force constitutive relations for nanosuspension.


Mechanism of Wetting of a Nano-suspension Droplet: Insights from MD Simulations - October (4th Quarter/Autumn), 2019
Collaborator: Viet Le, Co-Author

Particle Effect on the Behavior and Spreading Kinetics of a Nano-suspension Drop: MD Simulations - October (4th Quarter/Autumn), 2019
Collaborators: Weizhou Zhou, Co-Author; Edmund Webb, Co-Author

Self-pinning of a nanosuspension droplet: Molecular dynamics simulations, Physical review. E - July (3rd Quarter/Summer) 18, 2016
Collaborator: Edmund Webb, Co-Author

Embedding Ba Monolayers and Bilayers in Boron Carbide Nanowires, Scientific reports
Collaborators: Zhiyang Yu, Author; Jian Luo, Co-Author

Early stage spreading: Mechanisms of rapid contact line advance, Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science
Collaborator: Edmund Webb, Author


Ph D, Mechanical Engineering, Lehigh University

BA, Engineering Mechanics, Tianjin University