Craig Warren, Ph.D.

Craig Warren, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies and Faculty Affairs, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Professor, English
136 Kochel

Mailing Address:
ERIE, PA 16563

Dr. Craig Warren earned his B.A. (1997), M.A. (1999), and Ph.D. (2004) all from the University of Virginia. While at Virginia, he was a four-year staff member at the Rossetti Archive, one of the founding projects at the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities. He also served as Director of First-Year Writing from 2003-2004.

Joining the Penn State Behrend faculty in 2004, he helped establish the Professional Writing option in English. Dr. Warren was appointed Chair of English in 2010. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 2010, and to Professor in 2016.

He is the author of The Rebel Yell: A Cultural History (University of Alabama Press, 2014) and Scars To Prove It: The Civil War Soldier and American Fiction (Kent State University Press, 2009). He is also the founder and editor of the Ambrose Bierce Project, a digital humanities project and electronic journal.

During the 2011-2012 academic year, Dr. Warren served as President of the national College English Association.

Courses Taught

  • ART 002, Interactive Learning and Web-Design
  • ART 003, Visual Images on the Web
  • ENGL 003, The Great Traditions in American Literature
  • ENGL 015, Rhetoric and Composition
  • ENGL 130, Reading Popular Texts
  • ENGL 200, Introduction to Critical Reading
  • ENGL 202D, Effective Writing:  Business Writing
  • ENGL 311, The Canon and Its Critics
  • ENGL 417, The Editorial Process
  • ENGL 418, Advanced Technical Writing and Editing
  • ENGL 419, Advanced Technical Writing and Editing
  • ENGL 420, Writing for the Web
  • ENGL 439, American Nonfiction Prose
  • ENGL 479, Business or Technical Writing Practicum
  • ENGL 494, Senior Thesis in English
  • ENGL 495, Internship
  • ENGL 496, Independent Studies


American literature, southern literature and culture, Civil War literature, state-sponsored prose, gender studies.


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Scars to Prove It: The Civil War Soldier and American Fiction (Kent State Univ. Press, 2009).

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Ph D, English, The University of Virginia

MA, English, The University of Virginia

BA, English, The University of Virginia