Daniel Galiffa, Ph.D.

Daniel Galiffa, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Mathematics
86 Benson

Mailing Address:
ERIE PA 16563

Previous Experience

  • Adjunct Professorship in Mathematics, Seminole State College in Sanford & Oviedo, FL, summers 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009
  • NSF GO GK-12 Graduate Research Fellowship for academic years 2007-2008 and 2008-2009
  • Graduate Teaching Assistantship and full tuition waiver, University of Central Florida, 2004-2007
  • Adjunct Instructorship in Mathematics, ITT Tech - Lake Mary Campus, FL, summer 2007
  • Adjunct Professorship in Mathematics, University of Central Florida, summer 2006
  • Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) Graduate Teaching Certificate Program with stipend, summer 2006
  • Instructor of Record, University of Central Florida, summer 2005 

Positions Held

  • Honors Adviser for Mathematics
  • Permanent Faculty Correspondent, Behrend Pi Mu Epsilon Alpha Beta Chapter

Teaching Specialties

  • The Calculus Sequence
  • Differential & Partial Differential Equations
  • Linear Algebra
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Number Theory
  • Real and Complex Analysis
  • Pure & Applied Analysis


Research Interests

  • Classical and Quantum Hypergeometric Orthogonal Polynomials in One Variable
  • Differential Equations, Functional Equations and Partial Differential Equations
  • Difference Equations
  • Mathematical Biology
  • Numerical Analysis

Funded Projects and Grants

  • Proposal “Undergraduate STEM Majors in K-12 Education” accepted for the funded Penn State Grant Development Program. $1,000. Spring 2013.
  • Funding for Undergraduate Research and Summer Collaboration. Penn State Behrend Research Incentive Grant Program for Early Career Faculty. $2,500. 2009-2010.

Mathematical Analysis: - Classical and Quantum Hypergeometric Orthogonal Polynomials - Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations - Numerical Analysis - Mathematical Biology

A New Way to Solve the Dq Appell Equation, Applied Math E-Notes - 2018
Collaborator: Boon Ong, Co-Author

An Elementary Approach to Characterizing the Sheffer Type-0 Orthogonal Polynomial Sequences, Involve: A Journal of Mathematics - 2015
Collaborator: Tanya Riston, Secondary Author

An Existence Theorem for a Nonlocal Global Pandemic Model for Insect-Borne Diseases, International Journal of Differential Equations - July 24, 2014
Collaborator: John Cannon, Co-Author

A Characterization of an Askey-Wilson Difference Equation, Journal of Difference Equations and Applications - June, 2014
Collaborator: Boon Ong, Co-Author

Two Differential Equations for the Linear Generating Function of the Charlier Polynomials, Applied Math E-Notes - October 15, 2013
Collaborator: Elliot Blackstone, Secondary Author

Nonlocal Modeling of Insect Borne Diseases - March, 2013
Collaborator: John Cannon, Secondary Author

On the Higher-Order Sheffer Orthogonal , Springer Briefs in Mathematics - January, 2013

An Epidemiology Model Suggested by Yellow Fever - 2012
Collaborator: John Cannon, Co-Author

Aircraft Carriers - 2011

Atomic Bomb - 2011

Pregnancy - 2011

On a Numerical Method for a Homogeneous - Nonlocal - Nonlinear - Elliptic Boundary Value Problem, Journal of Nonlinear Analysis: Theory Methods and Applications - 2011
Collaborator: J. Cannon

The Sheffer B-Type 1 Orthogonal Polynomial Sequences, Proquest LLC - 2009

A Numerical Method for a Nonlocal Elliptic Boundry Value Problem - 2008
Collaborator: J. Cannon

On the Analysis of a Nonlocal, Elliptic B.V.P. and its Extensions - January, 2008
Collaborator: John Cannon

Ph D, Mathematics, The University of Central Florida

MS, Mathematics, The University of Central Florida

BS, Mathematics, Indiana University of Pennsylvania