Darren Williams, Ph.D.

Darren Williams, Ph.D.
Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Physics
120 Witkowski

Mailing Address:
ERIE PA 16563

Teaching Specialties

  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Planetary Science

Funded Projects and Grants

  • Observable Signatures of Extreme Seasonality on Planets with High Orbital Eccentricity or High Obliquity. Gaidos, E. (principal investigator) and D. Williams (co-principal investigator). National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Terrestrial Planet Finder Program, submitted through the University of Hawaii, $250,000. June 2004-May 2007.
  • Extraordinary Climates of Earth-Like Planets: GCM Simulations at High Obliquity. Williams, D. (principal investigator) and D. Pollard (co-principal investigator). National Science Foundation, Life in Extreme Environments, $196,518, September 1999-August 2002.

Spin-Orbital Dynamics of Planets and Moons; Evolution of the Solar System; Exoplanets and Exomoons; Asteroid Impacts on Terrestrial Planets; Climates of Terrestrial Planets

Formation, habitability, and detections of extrasolar moons, Astrobiology Journal - September 8, 2014

Capture of Terrestrial-sized Moons by Gas-Giant Planets, Astrobiology Journal - April 22, 2013

Searching for Water Earths in the Near Infrared, The Astrophysical Journal - 2011
Collaborators: M. Zugger; J. Kasting, Co-Author; T. Kane, Co-Author; C. Philbrick, Co-Author

The Planet Paparazzi: Earth Through the Lens of Interplanetary Spacecraft, Astrobiology Journal - 2011

Light Scattering from Exoplanet Oceans and Atmospheres, The Astrophysical Journal - 2010
Collaborators: M. Zugger; J. Kasting, Co-Author; T. Kane, Co-Author; C. Philbrick, Co-Author

The Effect of Lunar-Like Satellites on the Orbital Infrared Light Curves of Earth-Analog Planets, Astrobiology Journal - 2009
Collaborators: N. Moskovitz; N. Gaidos, Co-Author

Detecting the Glint of Starlight on the Oceans of Distant Planets, Icarus - 2008
Collaborator: E. Gaidos, Co-Author

Looking for Planetary Moons in the Spectra of Distant Jupiters, Astrobiology - 2004
Collaborator: R. Knacke, Co-Author

Seasonality on Terrestrial Extrasolar Planets: Inferring Obliquity and Surface Conditions from Infrared Light Curves, New Astronomy - 2004
Collaborator: E. Gaidos, Co-Author

Extraordinary Climates of Earth-Like Planets: Three-Dimensional Climate Simulations at Extreme Obliquity, International Journal of Astrobiology - 2003
Collaborator: D. Pollard, Co-Author

The Average Distance Between a Star and Planet in an Eccentric Orbit, American Journal of Physics - 2003

Earth-Like Worlds on Eccentric Orbits: Excursions Beyond the Habitable Zone, International Journal of Astrobiology - 2002
Collaborator: D. Pollard, Co-Author

Earth-Moon Interactions: Implications for Terrestrial Climate and Life, Origin of the Earth and Moon - 2000
Collaborator: D. Pollard, Co-Author

Low-Latitude Glaciation and Rapid Changes in the Earth's Obliquity Explained by Obliquity-Oblateness Feedback., Nature - December, 1998
Collaborators: J. Kasting, Co-Author; L. Frakes, Co-Author

Ph D, Astronomy and Astrophysics, The Pennsylvania State University

BS, Physics, The University of Pittsburgh

AS, Physics and Mathematics, Jamestown Community College