David Beevers, Ph.D.

David Beevers, Ph.D.
Assistant Teaching Professor, Mechanical Engineering
247 AMIC Building

Mailing Address:
ERIE PA 16510

David received his undergraduate degree from Grove City College, and performed his graduate work in hydropower scheduling at Penn State, University Park.

Renewable energy, education

Experimental Study of the Role of Gap Size on Bolt Failure in Clevis and Lug Joints, Journal of Testing and Evaluation - January 24, 2024
Collaborators: Kirk Olsen, Co-Author; Allen Geibel, Co-Author; Matthew Krull, Student Author; Isaac Caretti, Student Author; Olivia Wienczkowski, Student Author

Work in Progress: Homework in the Digital Age: The Implementation, Effects, and Perception of Randomly Generated Custom Digital Assignments, 2021 ASEE Virtual Annual Conference - July 30, 2021
Collaborator: Qi Dunsworth

Pumped hydro storage plants with improved operational flexibility using constant speed Francis runners, Applied Energy - January 1, 2015
Collaborators: L Branchini, Co-Author; Horacio Perez-Blanco, Co-Author; V Orlandini ; A De Pascale

A Novel Approach for Optimizing Cascaded Hydropower Systems with Multiple Owners
Collaborator: Horacio Perez-Blanco, Co-Author

A Guide to Alternative Energy - December 21, 2009
Collaborators: Anil Kulkarni, Author; A. Kamat, Co-Author; R. V. Raja, Co-Author; G. K Rajan, Co-Author; S. Sarangi, Co-Author; M. Yadav, Co-Author

Ph D, Mechanical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University

BS, Mechanical Engineering, Grove City College