Dawn Blasko, Ph.D.

Dawn Blasko, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology
108 Turnbull
Mailing Address:
ERIE, PA 16563

Individual differences in spatial and linguistic cognition. Plasticity and training in STEM education. Cognitive neuroscience of non literal and creative language understanding.

Spatial Perception Orientation Task (SPOT): Developing an Accessible Tool for Measuring Spatial Working Memory - February, 2014

Individual differences in the enjoyment and the effectiveness of serious games - November, 2013
Collaborators: Heather Lum, Co-Author; Holly Blasko Drabik, Secondary Author; Matthew White, Secondary Author

Investigating the impact of self-efficacy in learning Disaster Strategies in an On-Line Serious Game. , Proceedings of the Human Factors Engineering Society Conference - November, 2013
Collaborators: Holly Blasko Drabik, Co-Author; Heather Lum, Co-Author; Bilge Erdem, Student Author; Miri Ohashi, Student Author

"Avoiding the tragedy of the commons: Applying the lessons of Yellowstone to the Great Lakes", Stewardship of public lands: A handbook for educators" - 2010
Collaborators: J. Hall; R. Troester

"K.E.E.P.: A companion case study to 'Avoiding the tragedy of the commons: applying the lessons of Yellowstone to the Great Lakes'", Stewarship of Public Lands: A Handbook for Educators - 2010
Collaborators: J. Hall; R. Troester

"Longitudinal analysis of spatial skills training in engineering graphics", Preeceedings of the Engineering Design Graphics Division of American Society for Engineering Education 65th Midyear Conference proceedings - 2010
Collaborator: K. Holliday-Darr

"Re-enJEANeering STEM Education: Math Options Summer Camp", The Journal of Technology Studies - 2010
Collaborators: V. Dave, Primary Author; K. Holliday-Darr; J. Trich-Kremer; R. Edwards; M. Ford; L. Lenhardt; B. Hido

"Improving Diversity in Engineering Education: The Subtle Effects of Stereotypes", Proceedings of the ASEE-EDGD 63rd Midyear Conference - 2009
Collaborator: J. Hodge

"Enhancing Visualization Skills-Improving Options and Success (EnViSIONS) of engineering and technology students", Engineering Design Graphics Journal - 2009
Collaborators: N.L. Veurink, Primary Author; A.J. Hamlin; J.C.M. Kampe; S.A. Sorby; K. Holliday-Darr

Assessing and training spatial visualization: Free tools from the VIZ project, Proceedings of the ASEE-EDGD 63rd Midyear Conference - October, 2009
Collaborators: K. Holliday-Darr; J. Trich-Kremer; J. Hodge; K. Stranahan; K. Sementilli; E. Bliley

Envisions at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, Proceedings of the ASEE-EDGD 63rd Midyear Conference - January, 2009
Collaborators: K. Holliday-Darr; J. Trich-Kremer

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Collaborator: Victoria Kazmerski

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Collaborators: P. Connelly; K. Holliday-Darr

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Collaborator: M. Hall

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Collaborators: A. Katz; V. Kazmerski

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Collaborators: V. Kazmerski; C. Torgerson

Future time perspective as a temporal anchor: Applications of organizations, Journal of Business and Economics Research - 2004
Collaborator: P. Thoms

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Collaborators: K. Holliday-Darr; D. Mace; H. Blasko-Drabik

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Collaborators: V. Kazmerski; B. Dessalegn

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Ph D, Psychology, SUNY-Binghamton

MA, Psychology, SUNY-Binghamton

BA, Psychology, Marywood College