Elisa Beshero-Bondar, Ph.D.

Elisa Beshero-Bondar, Ph.D.
Program Chair and Professor of Digital Humanities, Digital Media, Arts, and Technology
Faculty Affiliate, The Public Policy Initiative at Penn State Behrend
128 Kochel
Mailing Address:
ERIE, PA 16563

Penn State PhD, 2003. Literature Prof at Pitt-Greensburg, adventured in Digital Humanities in 2010s, returned to Penn State as Professor of Digital Humanities and Program Chair of DIGIT at Behrend.

Digital Projects and Research in Progress

Digital Mitford: The Mary Russell Mitford Archive: Principal Editor and Organizer of a large international project team, to produce a comprehensive scholarly archive of the complete works and letters of Mary Russell Mitford. Long-term project, deploying TEI XML with data extraction leading to network analyses, maps, versioning of texts, and the production of a searchable database of Mitford's extensive correspondence, an estimated 3,700 letters. Launched April 2013.

Frankenstein Variorum: Collaboration with Raffaele Viglianti (research programmer at MITH) and Rikk Mulligan (Digital Scholarship library at Carnegie Mellon University) to produce a new collated edition of the 1818, 1823, and 1831 editions of Frankenstein, together with the manuscript notebook published at the Shelley Godwin Archive and the handwritten marginalia of the Thomas copy. Launched October 2016.

Amadis in Translation (GitHub): Organizer of a project team with Stacey Triplette and Helena Bermúdez Sabel: investigates with TEI XML and XSLT the transformations imposed by translation and adaptations of the 16th century prose romance Amadís de Gaula into French and English over three centuries, beginning with Robert Southeys 1803 English translation. Launched May 2015.

Digital Archives and Pacific Cultures: Principal Editor and Organizer of a collaborative XML archive, combining research and teaching in Digital Humanities. Long-term project which features data extraction, geocoding, and analysis of cultural information on 18th-century European-Polynesian contact. Project coding includes TEI XML, RelaxNG, Schematron, XSLT, and XQuery, as well as extraction in SVG, KML, and web archive construction in XHTML, CSS, and Javascript. Collaboration of faculty and students from the 2012, 2013, and 2014 Digital Humanities classes at Pitt's Greensburg and Oakland campuses. Launched November 2012.

Digital Thalaba, Epics and Paratexts: Begun with XML encoding and network analysis of places in Robert Southeys long poem, Thalaba the Destroyer. Discussion of preliminary work. "Starting from Mess: 'Plain' Text to XML for Humanists": book under development, for the series, Coding for Humanists, ed. Quinn Dombrowski and Laura Mandell. Designed to share methods in practical up-conversion from aged and obsolescent data formats, accessible to humanities scholars. Accepted November 2016 and under development.

Review of Sir Thomas More: or, Colloquies on The Progress and Prospects of Society by Robert Southey, edited by Tom Duggett, Coleridge Bulletin - 2023

Declarative markup in the time of "AI": Controlling the semantics of tokenized strings, Balisage Series on Markup Technologies - September, 2023

Testing ChatGPT Response Variety to Introduce Natural Language Processing - August, 2023

HER: Humanities Entity Recognizer. Software Review, Early Modern Digital Review - August 8, 2023

Mary Russell Mitford (1787–1855) (comprehensive survey of scholarship) - January, 2023

Adventures in Correcting XML Collation Problems with Python and XSLT: Untangling the Frankenstein Variorum, Balisage Series on Markup Technologies - September, 2022

Encountering Walden, Scholarly Editing: The Journal of the Association for Documentary Editing - April 11, 2022
Collaborators: Paul Schacht, Corresponding Author; Elizabeth Witherell, Co-Author; Rebecca Nesvet, Co-Author; Fiona Coll, Co-Author; Nikolaus Wasmoen, Co-Author

A comparative review of The Carlyle Letters Online and The Jane Addams Digital Edition, RIDE: A review journal for digital editions and resources - December 20, 2021

A Linked-Data Method to Organize an XML Database for Mathematics Education, Balisage Series on Markup Technologies - August, 2021
Collaborators: Alan Bickel, Author; Tim Larson, Co-Author

Text Encoding and Processing as a University Writing Intensive Course, Balisage Series on Markup Technologies - August, 2020

Rienzi (1828) - 2019
Collaborator: Mary Russell Mitford

British Romanticism and the Literature of Human Interest by Mai-Lin Cheng, Nineteenth Centry Literature - March, 2019

A Digital Humanities Approach to Cultural Translation in Robert Southeys Amadis of Gaul - 2018
Collaborators: Stacey Triplette; Helena Sabel

Flattening and unflattening XML markup: a Zen garden of XSLT and other tools, Balisage Series on Markup Technologies - 2018
Collaborators: David Birnbaum; C. Sperberg-McQueen

Stand-off Bridges in the Frankenstein Variorum Project: Interchange and Interoperability within TEI Markup Ecosystems, Balisage Series on Markup Technologies - 2018
Collaborator: Raffaele Viglianti

Teaching Romanticism XXIX: Drama, part 5, Romantic Textualities: Literature and Print Culture, 1780-1840 - July 30, 2018

Modeling Mary Russell Mitford's Networks: TheDigital Mitford as Collaborative Database - December, 2017
Collaborator: Kellie Donovan-Condron, Co-Author

A GitHub 'Garage' for a Digital Humanities Course - 2017
Collaborator: Rebecca Parker

Rebuilding a Digital Frankenstein by 2018: Reflections toward a Theory of Losses and Gains in Up-Translation, Balisage Series on Markup Technologies: Proceedings of the Symposium on Up-Translation and Up-Transformation: Tasks, Challenges, and Solutions - 2017

Recovering from Collective Memory Loss: The Digital Mitford's Feminist Project, Women's History Review - 2017
Collaborator: Elizabeth Raisanen, Co-Author

Bailing Out Coleridge: Debts of Gratitude and the Proofing of an Oceanic Poem, The Coleridge Bulletin - January, 2014

Mitford vs. Hemans: Resisting the 'Omnipotence of Words' - May 30, 2013

Mitford, Mary Russell, Drama - 2012

Women, Epic, and Transition in British Romanticism - June, 2011

Southey's Gothic Science: Galcanism, Automata, and Heretical Socery in "Thalaba the Destroyer", Genre: Forms of Discourse and Culture - 2009

Romancing the Pacific Isles Before Byron: Music, Sex, and Death in Mitford's Christina, ELH - July, 2009

British Conquistadors and Aztec Priests: The Horror of Southey's Madoc, Philological Quarterly - 2005

Diego Saglia, Poetic Castles in Spain: British Romanticism and Figurations of Iberia (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2000), Comparative Literature Studies - 2002

Eliza Leslie - 1999

Nine New Letters of Robert Southey, The Wordsworth Circle - January, 1999

Sara Hutchinson's Final Hours: A New Wordsworth Letter to Southey, Notes & Queries - September, 1997

Dante Alighieri - 1996

John Tyndall - 1996

Ph D, English Literature, The Pennsylvania State University

MA, English Literature, The Pennsylvania State University

BA, English, Washington and Jefferson College