Erica Edwards, Ph.D.

Erica Edwards, Ph.D.
Assistant Teaching Professor, Psychology
105 Turnbull
Mailing Address:
ERIE PA 16563

Nonliteral language (sarcasm, metaphors, and humor) is used throughout daily discourse, in casual and formal settings. My current research interests focus on our perceptions of nonliteral language and the various factors that can impact how sarcasm, metaphors, and humor are understood, with an additional focus on individual differences. Age, sex, culture, relationship, and many other person variables not only impact how non-literal language is perceived, but how the speaker is perceived as well. Gaining a better understanding of how the use of nonliteral language impacts comprehension and relationships, we can better understand when sarcasm, metaphors, and humor bring us together and when they can pull us apart.

Integrating functional connectivity and MVPA through a multiple constraint network analysis, NeuroImage - November 30, 2019
Collaborators: Chris McNorgan; Greg Smith

Dyslexia on a continuum: A complex network approach, PLoS ONE - December 17, 2018
Collaborators: Kali Burke; James Booth; Christopher McNorgan

Ph.D., Cognitive Psychology, University at Buffalo

M.A., Psychology, University at Buffalo

B.A., Psychology, Penn State Erie: The Behrend College