Janet Neigh, Ph.D.

Janet Neigh, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, English
124 Kochel

Mailing Address:
ERIE, PA 16563

Dr. Janet Neigh grew up on the other side of Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada. She received her B.A. from Simon Fraser University (2000), her M.A. from the University of Calgary (2003), and her Ph.D. from Temple University (2010). Her research areas include global modernism, poetry of the Americas, Caribbean studies, and transnational feminist theory.

She is the author of Recalling Recitation in the Americas: Borderless Curriculum, Performance Poetry, and Reading (University of Toronto 2017). Her research has also been published in Ariel: A Review of International English Literature, The Cambridge Companion to Postcolonial Poetry, Feminist Formations, The Journal of Modern Literature, The Journal of West Indian Literature, Modernism/modernity, and sx archipelagos: a small axe platform of digital practice. Her creative writing can be found in the journals P-Queue, HOW2, and West Coast Line as well as the anthology Shift and Switch: New Canadian Poetry.

Courses Taught

  • CMLIT 130, Banned Books: International and Comparative Perspectives
  • CMLIT 153, International Cultures: Film and Literature
  • CMLIT 406: Women and World Literature
  • CMLIT/COMM 453, Narrative Theory: Film and Literature
  • COMM 150, The Art of the Cinema
  • ENGL 015, Composition
  • ENGL 030, Honors Freshman Composition
  • ENGL 185, World Novel
  • ENGL 202B, Effective Writing in the Humanities
  • ENGL 312, Globality and Literature
  • HIST 250, Introduction to Modern Caribbean History
  • WMST 227, Introduction to Culture and Sexuality

performance studies, media studies, Caribbean literature, poetry of the Americas, decolonization

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Orality, Creoles, and Postcolonial Poetry in Performance - 2017

Digitizing the 'Sound Explosions' of Anglophone Caribbean Poetry, sx archipelagos: a small axe platform for digital practice - June, 2016

Dreams of Uncommon Languages: Transnational Feminist Pedagogy and Multilingual Poetics., Feminist Formations - April, 2014

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Ph D, English, Temple University

MA, English and Creative Writing, The University of Calgary

BA, English, Simon Fraser University