Jay Amicangelo, Ph.D.

Jay Amicangelo, Ph.D.
Professor, Chemistry
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30 Hammermill
ERIE PA 16563


  • Post-Doctoral Research Associate, 1999-2002
    University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Graduate Research Assistant, 1991-1998
    University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, 1991-1998
    University of Vermont, Burlington, VT

Teaching Specialties

  • Physical Chemistry
  • General Chemistry


Research Interests

My research project involves the spectroscopic and theoretical investigation of transient intermediates and weak molecular complexes. The identities and geometric structures of these transient intermediates are elucidated primarily by performing matrix isolation infrared spectroscopy experiments. Matrix isolation is a technique by which normally unstable species (often radicals) are trapped in a frozen matrix of inert gas (generally argon) near 10 degrees Kelvin. The extremely low temperature reduces the possibility of unimolecular decomposition of the trapped species and the matrix of inert gas prevents bimolecular or aggregation reactions between trapped species. Once trapped in the low temperature, noble gas matrix, the infrared spectra of the trapped species can be examined.

Funded Projects and Grants

  • Fullbright Research Grant (Taiwan), Amicangelo, J.C. U.S. Department of State and the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (Fulbright Taiwan). $6200. January - June 2010.
  • Characterization of Silicon Nitride Transient Species Using Matrix Isolation Infrared Spectroscopy. Fulbright Scholar Program, Council for International Exchange of Scholars. $6,000. Spring 2010.
  • Investigation of Species Related to Silicon Nitride Chemical Vapor Deposition Processes Using Matrix Isolation Infrared Spectroscopy. American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund Type G Grant. $35,000. September 2005-August 2007.
  • Investigations of Intermediates Related to Silicon Nitride Chemical Vapor Deposition Processes Using Matrix-Isolation Infrared Spectroscopy. Research Corporation Cottrell College Science Award. $39,018. July 2003 to June 2005.
  • Characterization of Reactive Intermediates Related to Chemical Vapor Deposition Processes Using Matrix-Isolation Spectroscopy. Penn State Behrend Research Incentive Grant Program for Early Career Faculty. $2,500. 2004-2005.
Research Interests

My main research area is concerned with the characterization of transient species and weak intermolecular complexes using an experimental technique known as matrix isolation infrared spectroscopy and with theoretical quantum chemical calculations. The transient species that I am currently investigating are systems related to silicon and germanium hydrides and nitrides. In terms of characterizing intermolecular complexes, the systems that I am currently examining are complexes between small lone pair molecules with aromatic ring compounds. The goals of these projects are to obtain spectroscopic and structural information regarding these transient species and complexes.


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Collaborator: Willem Leenstra

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Collaborator: W Leenstra


Ph D, Physical Chemistry, University of Vermont

BS, Chemistry, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth