Jonathan Hall

Jonathan Hall
Associate Teaching Professor Emeritus, Physics

Mailing Address:
ERIE PA 16563

Teaching Specialties

  • Introductory Physics


Research Interests

  • Physics Education
  • Instructional Labs

Funded Projects and Grants

  • Electromagnetic Levitation of a Metal Ring, Behrend Research Incentive Grant (BRIG), Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, $1,500, July 1992-July 1993.

Determining the Acceleration Due to Gravity and Friction Using the Ticker Tape Timer Method, The Physics Teacher - May, 2020
Collaborators: Chuck Yeung, Primary Author; Ethan Fontana, Co-Author

More Smartphone Acceleration, The Physics Teacher - January, 2013

iBlack Box?, The Physics Teacher - May, 2012

Avoiding the Tragedy of the Commons: Applying the Lessons of Yellowstone to the Great Lakes, Stewardship of Public Lands: Politics and the Yellowstone Ecosystem - 2010
Collaborators: D. Blasko, Primary Author; R. Troester, Co-Author

Modeling Vehicle Rollover, The Physics Teacher - October, 2005
Collaborator: J. Magraw

Building a School Observatory, Mercury - 2003
Collaborators: R. Knacke, Primary Author; D. Williams, Co-Author

Forces on the Jumping Ring, The Physics Teacher - February, 1997

Why Do I Have to Know This? - 1995
Collaborators: W. Etling; E. Evans, Jr; P. Matthews

"Heat Engine" "Demonstration of Convection Currents" - 1991

MA, Earth Sciences, West Chester University

BS, Physics, Physics education (dual degree), State University of New York at Albany