Joongseo Kim, Ph.D.

Joongseo Kim, Ph.D.
Interim Associate Director, Black School of Business
Associate Professor of Management, Business & Management and MPM programs
272 Burke

Mailing Address:
ERIE PA 16563

Dr. Joongseo Kim is an Associate Professor of Management and the Dr. Chester "Chet" L. Wolford Early Career Professor (2020-2023). He currently teaches graduate courses in the areas of project management and leadership. His research has appeared in top journals, including Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (OBHDP), the Journal of Applied Psychology (JAP), Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin (PSPB), and Human Relations (HR). His current research interests include culture, deviance, and behavioral ethics. Dr. Kim received his B.A. from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, M.S. in Management from the University of Colorado-Denver, and Ph.D. in Business Administration from Oklahoma State University.

Bottom-Line Mentality from a Goal Shielding Perspective: Does Bottom-Line Mentality Explain the Link between Rewards and Unethical Behavior?, Human Relations (ABS Level 4) - April 2, 2024
Collaborators: Mary Mawritz, Co-Author; Andrea Farro, Co-Author; Rebecca Greenbaum, Co-Author; Cynthia Wang, Co-Author; Julena Bonner, Co-Author

Looking Far or Close: The Explanatory Role of Myopic Management in the Relationship Between CEO-TMT Power Disparity and Corporate Social Responsibility, Journal of Business Research (ABS Level 3) - August 5, 2023
Collaborators: Shin Kwon, Co-Author; Hyunsoon Yim, Co-Author

Development and Validation of the Workplace Hazing Scale, Human Relations (ABS Level 4) - March, 2022
Collaborators: Mary Mawritz, Author; Johanna Capitano, Co-Author; Rebecca Greenbaum, Co-Author; Julena Bonner, Co-Author

Development of a Measure of Calculative Mindset (CM): Establishing a Nomological Net and Predictive Utility of the CM Measure, Psychological Reports (ABS Level 1) - May 6, 2021
Collaborators: Brigitte Steinheider, Co-Author; Thomas Stone, Co-Author; Jim Jawahar, Co-Author; Brendon Ferrell, Co-Author

How to Inoculate Your Team Against Conspiracy Theories, Harvard Business Review (ABS Level 3) - July 1, 2020
Collaborators: Cynthia Wang, Co-Author; Jennifer Whitson, Co-Author; Tanya Menon, Co-Author; Brian Webster, Co-Author

Recruiting (Dis)Advantage: Male and Female Evaluations of Sex-based Targeted Recruitment, Sex Roles (ABS Level 2) - April, 2020
Collaborators: Brian Webster, Co-Author; Alexis Washington, Co-Author; Marla Baskerville, Author; Bryan Edwards, Co-Author

An Eye for an Eye: A Meta-Analysis of Negative Reciprocity in Organizations, Journal of Applied Psychology (ABS Level 4*) - February, 2019
Collaborators: Lindsey Greco, Co-Author; Jennifer Whitson, Co-Author; Ernest O'Boyle, Co-Author; Cynthia Wang, Author

Conspiracy Theories Abound: Here's How to Curb Their Allure, Kellogg Insight - August 7, 2018
Collaborators: Jennifer Whitson, Co-Author; Cynthia Wang, Co-Author; Tanya Menon, Co-Author; Brian Webster, Co-Author

Calculative Mindset and Unethical Behavior: Examining Roles of BLM and Time Orientation, Proceedings of the Seventy-Eighth Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management - July 2, 2018

Regulatory Focus and Resisting Conspiracy Theories: The Immunizing Effect of Personal Control, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin (ABS Level 4) - April 1, 2018
Collaborators: Jennifer Whitson, Co-Author; Cynthia Wang, Co-Author; Tanya Menon, Co-Author; Brian Webster, Co-Author

Responses to Normative and Norm‑Violating Behavior: Culture, Job Mobility, and Social Inclusion and Exclusion, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (ABS Level 4) - 2015
Collaborators: Jennifer Whitson; Cynthia Wang; Jiyin Cao; Alex Scrimpshire

When the Customer is Unethical: The Explanatory Role of Employee Emotional Exhaustion onto Conflict Outcomes and Job Neglect, Journal of Applied Psychology (ABS Level 4*) - 2014
Collaborators: Rebecca Greenbaum; Quade Matt; Mary Mawritz; Durand Crosby

Unethical Customers and Employee Burnout: The Role of Ethical Leadership, Proceedings of the Seventy-Third Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management - January, 2014
Collaborators: Matt Quade; Rebecca Greenbaum; Mary Mawritz; Gabbi Eissa

A Framework for Leader Effectiveness in Virtual Teams, Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics - 2012
Collaborators: Gabbi Eissa, Co-Author; Corey Fox, Co-Author; Brian Webster, Co-Author

Ph D, Business Administration, Oklahoma State University

MS, Management, The University of Colorado at Denver

BA, Business Administration, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies