Kathleen J. Noce, D.Ed.

Kathleen J. Noce, D.Ed.
Discipline Lead and Teaching Professor, Management Information Systems
Director, Partnership Erie
273 Burke
Mailing Address:
ERIE PA 16563

D.Ed., Indiana University of Pennsylvania (1999): Research interests include Internet issues related to marketing, social concerns and e-commerce, information systems and technological leadership. Her teaching interests are in management and accounting information systems, and leadership. Dr. Noce has previous industry experience in systems analysis and design in the financial sector and information technology management at Mercyhurst College. She has consulting and teaching experience with a number of organizations such as Manufacturer's Association of Northwest Pennsylvania, Erie County Technical Institute, General Electric, and The Boys and Girls Club of Erie.


  • B ADM 597C: Web Design
  • CMPBD 297I/E: Visual Basic Programming
  • MIS 204: Introduction to Business Information Systems
  • MIS 387 (formerly MIS 397A and MISBD 397A/B/C): Website Development and Administration
  • MIS 406: Customer Information Systems with Oracle
  • MISBD 597B: Website Development
  • MKTG 301 (formerly MRKTG 300): Principles of Marketing
  • MKTG 327: Retailing Management 
  • SCM 465: Electronic Business Management


  • Recipient. Certificate of Appreciation, MIS Club, Black School of Business, Penn State Erie, Erie PA, 2007.
  • Council of Fellows Faculty Excellence in Outreach Award, Penn State Erie, Erie, PA, 2005


  • AFUSA, 2010
  • Green Parrot Products, 2010
  • Boys and Girls Club, 2009
  • KaleidAScope, 2008; 2009
  • PA Aquatic Flies, 2007-09
  • Dynamic Dunes, 2009
  • RFID Center of Excellence, 2008
  • Four R’s of Child Abuse, 2008; 2009
  • Penn State Erie Virtual Tour, 2008
  • Erie Day School, Erie, PA, 2007
  • Global Strategies and Solutions, Erie, PA, 2007
  • Lake Erie Research Institute, Erie, PA, 2007
  • Punxatawney Christian Academy, Punxatawney, PA, 2007
  • Childrens Advocacy Center, Erie, PA, 2006
  • Butterflies for Kids, Erie, PA, 2008; 2006
  • First Baptist Church of Northeast, Northeast, PA, 2006
  • Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority, Erie, PA, 2003
  • Achievement Center, Erie, PA, 2002
  • Benchmark Computers, Erie, PA, 2002
  • Community Health Net, Erie, PA, 2002
  • Junior League of Erie, Erie, PA, 2002
  • KimKopy, Erie, PA, 2002
  • MGM Construction, Erie, PA, 2002 
  • NWPA Optical Clinic, Erie, PA, 2002 
  • Sisters of Mercy, Erie, PA, 2007; 2003; 2002
  • United Way, Erie, PA, 2006; 2003; 2002
  • Vision and Blindness Resources, Erie, PA, 2002

Service to Public and Private Organizations

  • Board member and technology advisor, Youth Leadership Institue of Erie, 2010-.
  • Board Member and technology advisor, Butterflies for Kids, Erie, PA 2009-
  • Director of Technology and Communications, Building Bridges:
    • Wilmington DE, 2008.
    • Frazier Foundation, Philadelphia PA, 2007‑08.
  • Director and Webmaster, Presque Isle Partnership, Erie PA, 2007-.
  • Erie Regional Growth Partnership, Erie PA. Guided in the establishment of an online survey to obtain information about transplants to Erie in assistance to companies in the area. This information will be used to develop a guide to services and activities for people new to the area, 2007.
  • Technology Adviser, Prep Community of Scholars Committee, Mercyhurst Prep, Erie PA, 2004.
  • Millcreek School District:
    • Member, Technology Advisory Board, Erie PA, 2004-.
    • Member, Strategic Planning Committee Task Force, Erie PA, 2004.
  • Council Board Member, Northwest PA Technology Council, Erie PA, 2003.
  • Boys and Girls Club of Erie, Erie PA, 1992-.
    • Board Member, 2010-.
    • Technology Advisor, 2004–.
    • Fundraising Chair, 2003; 2002.
    • Secretary, Board of Directors, 1992-.

Speaking Engagements

  • Technology Tools for a Productive Nonprofit Organization. NAACP, Erie PA, December 2010.
  • Online Survey Findings. Teaching and Learning Seminar, Penn State Erie, Erie, PA, May 2009
  • Aligning Marketing and IT (Three-hour presentation). Ebizit PA, Erie, PA, August 2008
  • Reaching out to the non profit community – Partnership-Erie, Erie Community Foundation – Center for NonProfit Services, February 17, 2004
  • Manufacturers’ Association of NW Pennsylvania, Erie PA:
    • The Wireless Business, July 2003
    • Current Issues in Wireless Technology, March 2002
    • Technology Careers What and Where? May 2002
    • Visual Basic for Applications, December 2001
    • Wireless Technologies, July 2001
  • How to Conduct Business on the Internet. Keynote address to the National Association of Manufacturers, Erie, PA, July 2000
  • Protecting Children on the Internet. Catholic Diocese of Erie, Erie, PA, January 1999

Participation in Seminars and Workshops

  • Technology Briefing. Panelist. Manufacturers Association, Erie, PA, March 2007
  • Obtaining, Interpreting, and Responding to Student Feedback of your Teaching. Presenter. College Teaching Workshop Series, Center for Teaching and Educational Technologies, Penn State Erie, Erie, PA, October 2004

Membership in Professional Societies

  • Academy of Management, 2002-
  • American Society for Training and Development, 1996-
  • Decision Sciences Institute, 2003-

Active Participation in Professional and Learned Societies

  • Web Master, developer, and technology adviser, American Association of University Women, 2004-.

Participation in Community Affairs

  • Nominated as a woman making history in Erie for my commitment to the community, 2010.
  • Volunteer, Presque Isle State Park clean up, 2010.
  • Member, Italian American Women’s Scholarship Fundraiser Committee, 2010.
  • Kalidascope Organization for Autistic Teens, Erie, PA. Website update, technology integration, and hardware purchase in addition to PE, 2008
  • Mercy Center, Erie, PA. Training women on FrontPage and other technology tools, 2008
  • Advisory Board Member, Athena Powerlink Women's Business Mentoring Program, Erie, PA, 2003-
  • United Way of Erie County, Erie PA:
    • Volunteer, United Way Campaign, Penn State Erie, Erie, PA, 2007-; 2001-03
    • Web/Dreamweaver instructor, August 2003
  • Technical Advisor, Ophelia Project, Erie, PA, 2000-
  • Director, Auxiliary Board, Community House for Women, Erie, PA, 1996

Service to Business and Industry

  • Lake Erie Research Institute Technology Adviser, Erie, PA, 2005-
  • Technical Advisor, Signature Mortgage Company, Erie, PA, 2003
  • Manufacturers’ Association of NW Pennsylvania, Erie, PA, 2003:
    • Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Photoshop, Flash, and Javascript courses
    • Simulation for leadership development course using visual basic

Assistance to Student Organizations

  • Assisted with Delta Sigma Pi Recruiting, Penn State Erie, Erie PA, 2008.
  • MIS Club, Penn State Erie, Erie PA:
    • Work with MIS club on fundraising and projects, 2007-.
    • Initiated fundraising project and established a relationship for students with industry clients, 2004.

The primary focus of my personal research is the application of technology in education, community, and business. My research agenda entails service learning in Information Systems, Technological Socialization, Online Information Systems, Information Systems Education and most importantly, the development of Social Responsibility through technology. Most of my research originates from experiences and observations from working with students together with the nonprofit and business community.

Are All IT Professionals Created Equally? , Journal of Behavioral Studies in Business - 2010
Collaborators: Matthew Swinarski; Diane Parente

A Study of Gender Differences with Respect to Internet Socialization of Adolescents, Journal of Business and Economics Research - 2010
Collaborators: Matthew Swinarski, Primary Author; Diane Parente, Secondary Author

Socialization to the Internet: Who Is Teaching Our Children? , International Journal of Management and Information Systems - 2009
Collaborators: Diane Parente; Matthew Swinarski

Blogs - 2007
Collaborator: J Stanford

Telecommuting and the Virtual Workplace - 2007

Flowcharting with MacFlow - 1994

D ED, Educational Leadership and Administration, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

MBA, Business Administration, Gannon University

BS, Economics, Alliance College