Kilic Kanat, Ph.D.

Kilic Kanat, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Political Science
Faculty Affiliate, The Public Policy Initiative at Penn State Behrend
157 Kochel

Mailing Address:
ERIE, PA 16563

Kilic Bugra Kanat is an assistant professor of Political Science at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College He received his Ph.D. degree in Political Science from Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY). He received his M.A. in Political Science from Syracuse University and his M.A. in International Affairs from Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI). He completed his undergraduate education in the International Relations Department of the Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey). Dr. Kanat also holds a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Middle Eastern Affairs and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Conflict Resolution.

His main areas of research interest are foreign policy decision-making, foreign policy change, and domestic politics and foreign policy interaction. His area of expertise is Middle Eastern Politics. Dr. Kanat teaches Introduction to International Relations, U.S. Foreign Policy, Terrorism, International Relations of the Middle East, and Foreign Policy Making at Penn State Behrend.

He was awarded the Outstanding Research Award and Council of Fellows Faculty Research Award at Penn State Behrend. He participated in the Future Leaders Program of Foreign Policy Initiative. Dr. Kanat’s writings have appeared in Foreign Policy, Insight Turkey, The Diplomat, Middle East Policy, Arab Studies Quarterly, Mediterranean Quarterly, Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies, and Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs. He is a columnist at Daily Sabah. He is the author of A Tale of Four Augusts: Obama’s Syria Policy.

Courses Taught

  • PL SC 014, International Relations
  • PL SC 467, International Relations of the Middle East

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Ph D, Political Science, Syracuse University

CERT, Civil Society and NGO, Syracuse University

CERT, Conflict Resolution , Syracuse University

CERT, Middle Eastern Studies, Syracuse University

MA, Political Science, Syracuse University

MA, International Affairs, Marquette University

BS, International Relations, Middle East Technical University