Kyeiwaa Asare-Yeboah, Ph.D.

Kyeiwaa Asare-Yeboah, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
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156 Burke
ERIE PA 16563

    Ph.D.: The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL – Electrical Engineering, Dec. 2015,
    M.S.: University of Florida, Gainesville, FL – Electrical & Computer Engineering, May 2008
    B.S.: Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ – Electrical & Computer Engineering, May 2005

    Research Interests

    Organic electronic devices, such as thin-film transistors, thin film processing of organic semiconductors and organic polymers


    Crystal growth of small-molecule organic semiconductors with nucleation additive, Current Applied Physics - January, 2021

    Polyferrocenylsilane Semicrystalline Polymer Additive for Solution-Processed p-Channel Organic Thin Film Transistors, Polymers - January, 2021

    Ultra-high resolution position sensors with self-assembled nanowire arrays, Journal of Materials Chemistry C - 2020
    Collaborator: Robert Aalberts

    Photo-triggered logic circuits assembled on integrated illuminants and resonant nanowires, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces - September 28, 2020

    High performance and efficiency resonant photo-effect-transistor by near-field nano-strip-controlled organic light emitting diode gate, American Chemical Society - July 28, 2020

    Phase segregation controlled semiconductor crystallization for organic thin film transistors, Journal of Science: Advanced Materials and Devices - May 20, 2020

    Ultra-high-responsivity vertical nanowire-based phototransistor under standing-wave plasmon mode interaction induced by near-field circular OLED, American Chemical Society - April 30, 2020

    A facile and novel route to improve TIPS pentacene based organic thin film transistor performance with elastomer, Synthetic Metals - April, 2020

    Ultra-low misorientation angle in small-molecule semiconductor/polyethylene oxide blends for organic thin film transistors, Journal of Polymer Research - February 28, 2020

    Phase segregation effect on TIPS pentacene crystallization and morphology for organic thin film transistors, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics - February, 2020

    A High Performance Vertical Resonant Photo-Effect-Transistor with an All-Around OLED-Gate for Ultra Electromagnetic Stability, ACS Nano - 2019

    Highly enhanced performance of integrated piezo photo-transistor with dual inverted OLED gate and nanowire array channel, Nano Energy - 2019

    Poly (α-methylstyrene) polymer and small-molecule semiconductor blend with reduced crystal misorientation for organic thin film transistors, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics volume - 2019

    Self-assembly crystal microribbons with nucleation additive for high-performance organic thin film transistors, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics - 2019

    Layer-dependent Anisotropic Frictional Behavior in Two-dimensional Monolayer Hybrid Perovskite/ITO Layered Heterojunctions, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

    Temperature gradient controlled crystal growth from {TIPS} pentacene-poly(α-methyl styrene) blends for improving performance of organic thin film transistors , Organic Electronics - 2016
    Collaborators: Sheng Bi, Author; Zhengran He, Author; Dawen Li, Author


    Ph D, Electrical Engineering, The University of Alabama

    MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Florida

    BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rutgers Universty