Lisa Jo Elliott, Ph.D.

Lisa Jo Elliott, Ph.D.
Associate Teaching Professor of Psychology, Psychology program, Clinical Psychology M.A. program, and Digital Media, Arts, and Technology program
133 Perry

Mailing Address:
ERIE PA 16563

Human Computer Interaction

Measuring mental models, Advances in Human Factors in Training, Education, and Learning Sciences - September, 2022
Collaborator: Morgan Janney, Co-Author

Interdisciplinary approach to a coping skills app: A case study, The Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy. - May 11, 2021
Collaborators: Antigoni Kotsiou, Student Author; Erica Juriasingani, Student Author; Marc Maramonte, Student Author; Christopher Shelton, Co-Author; Jacob Marsh, Co-Author; Richard Zhao, Co-Author

Quantifying video game expertise - July 1, 2020
Collaborators: Tyler Hampton, Co-Author; Jessica McCoy, Co-Author; Kathryn Kriebs, Co-Author; Melissa Rowlison, Co-Author; Autumn Waite, Co-Author; Abigail Blackwell, Co-Author

Assessing metacognitive skill in design and manufacturing - June, 2020
Collaborators: Faisal Aqlan, Co-Author; Richard Zhao, Co-Author; Morgan Janney, Co-Author

Multiplayer physical and virtual reality games for team-based manufacturing simulation - June, 2020
Collaborators: Richard Zhao, Co-Author; Faisal Aqlan, Co-Author; Ethan Baxter, Co-Author

The impact of user experience with technology on course expectations: How ubiquitous computing has trained students to be consumers of media in the classroom - February, 2020

Toward smart internet of things (IoT) devices: Exploring the regions of interest for recognition of facial expressions using eye-gaze tracking - February, 2020
Collaborators: Abdallah Abdallah Abousheaisha, Co-Author; Daniel Donley, Co-Author

Measuring problem-solving skills with virtual reality, Industrial Engineer - February, 2020
Collaborators: Faisal Aqlan, Co-Author; Richard Zhao, Co-Author

Developing a virtual reality game for manufacturing education - August, 2019
Collaborators: Richard Zhao, Co-Author; Faisal Aqlan, Co-Author; Heather Lum, Co-Author

A study of metacognitive problem solving in undergraduate engineering students., Advances in Human Factors in Training, Education, and Learning Sciences - June, 2019
Collaborators: Heather Lum; Faisal Aqlan; Richard Zhao; Catherine Lasher, Co-Author

The effect of screen size on reading speed: A comparison of three screens to print, Advances in Human Factors in Training, Education, and Learning Sciences - June, 2019
Collaborators: Medina Ljubijanac, Co-Author; Danielle Wieczorek, Co-Author

The digital divide and usability - February, 2019

Code for America as an instructional resource for teaching user centered design and accessibility - June, 2017
Collaborator: Angie Brunk, Co-Author

Keeping the HF/UX curriculum current with the critical decision method - January, 2016

The mapping problem: Three novel paradigms in studying haptic and cognitive mapping of robotic control - 2015
Collaborators: Stephen Hottman; William Christian; Kyle Reed, Co-Author

Beyond Facebook: The generalization of social networking site measures, Computers in Human Behavior - 2014
Collaborator: V. Polykova, Co-Author

Teaching undergraduates about human factors through research in usability. - 2013

Automation and autonomy in unmanned aircraft systems - 2012
Collaborator: Bryan Stewart

Detect, sense and avoid - 2012
Collaborators: Jeremy Schwark; Matthew Rambert

Unmanned aerial systems for geospatial data - 2012
Collaborator: Catriana Steele

Student perceived and actual learning about psychology through participation in research, Teaching of Psychology - 2010
Collaborators: Stephen Rice; David Trafimow; Laura Madson; Malisa Hipshur

The maze task: Measuring forced incremental sentence processing time, Behavioral Research Methods - 2009
Collaborators: Christine Guerrera, Co-Author; Kenneth Forster, Co-Author

Eliciting user analogies to improve documentation - October, 2005
Collaborator: Peter Foltz, Co-Author

PhD, Psychology, New Mexico State University

MA, Experimental Psychology, New Mexico State University

BA, Psychology, The University of Arizona