Lisa Jo Elliott, Ph.D.

Lisa Jo Elliott, Ph.D.
Assistant Teaching Professor of Psychology, Psychology program, Applied Clinical Psychology M.A. program, and Digital Media, Arts, and Technology program
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101 Turnbull
ERIE, PA 16563
Research Interests

Human Computer Interaction


A study of metacognitive problem solving in undergraduate engineering students., Advances in Human Factors in Training, Education, and Learning Sciences
Collaborators: Heather Lum, Co-Author; Faisal Aqlan, Co-Author; Richard Zhao, Co-Author; Catherine Lasher, Co-Author

The effect of screen size on reading speed: A comparison of three screens to print, Advances in Human Factors in Training, Education, and Learning Sciences
Collaborators: Medina Ljubijanac, Co-Author; Danielle Wieczorek

The Digital Divide and Usability - February, 2019

Code for America as an instructional resource for teaching user centered design and accessibility - September, 2017
Collaborator: Angie Brunk, Co-Author

The mapping problem: three novel paradigms in studying haptic and cognitive mapping of robotic control - 2015

The Role of Analogical Reasoning in Cue Evaluation for First Responders - 2014

Beyond Facebook: The generalization of social networking site measures, Computers in Human Behavior - 2014
Collaborator: V. Polykova

Autonomy - 2012

GIS and Remote Sensing - 2012

Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems - 2012

Student perceived and actual learning about psychology through participation in research, Teaching of Psychology - 2010

The maze task: Measuring forced incremental sentence processing time, Behavioral Research Methods - 2009

Eliciting user analogies to improve documentation, Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomic Society 49th Annual Meeting - 2005


Ph D, Psychology, New Mexico State University

MA, Experimental Psychology, New Mexico State University

BA, Psychology, University of Arizona