Mohamed Abdelmoula, Ph.D.

Mohamed Abdelmoula, Ph.D.
Assistant Teaching Professor, Physics
119 Witkowski
Mailing Address:
ERIE PA 16563

Dr. Abdelmoula obtained his Ph.D. degree in experimental physics from Northeastern University, Boston, MA. His post-doctoral fellowship was at Carnegie Mellon University where he joined RRam research group to study resistive switching in transition metal oxides.

- Nanomaterials, specifically, gold nanoparticles, titania nanotubes, and gallium nitride nanowires.
- Resistive switching in transition metal oxides, specifically titanium oxide and hafnium oxide thin films devices.
- Microfabrication and Nanofabrication techniques

Electronic Instabilities leading to Electroformation of Oxide-based Resistive Switches, Advanced functional materials - 2014
Collaborators: A. A. Sharma; M. Noman; M. Skowronski; J. A. Bain

Optical properties of titanium dioxide nanotube arrays - 2014
Collaborators: Jeffrey Sokoloff; Wen-Tao Lu; Thomas Close; Latika Menon; Christiaan Richter

Growth of E18 Rat Hippocampal Neuronal Cells on Nanostructured Surfaces for Enhanced Electrical Stimulation and Recording, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - 2012
Collaborators: Asiful Islam; Eugen Panaitescu; Sara Sinno; Zhang Ma; Latika Menon

Optical, electrical and catalytic properties of titania nanotubes, Physics Dissertations - 2011

Controlled attachment of gold nanoparticles on ordered titania nanotube arrays, Journal of Materials Chemistry - 2009
Collaborators: Eugen Panaitescu; Minh Phan; David Yin; Christiaan Richter; Laura Lewis; Latika Menon

Synthesis and Photochemical Properties of Au-Attached Titania Nanotubes Arrays, Materials Research Society Conference Proceedings - 2009
Collaborators: Ragen Mcadoo; Latika Menon

Ph D, Applied Physics, Northeastern University

MS, Physics, Northeastern University

BS, Physics, Cairo University