Ray Venkataraman, Ph.D.

Department Chair, Project and Supply Chain Management
Department Chair, Marketing
Professor of Management, Project and Supply Chain Management
Professor of Management, iMBA/oMBA Program
Professor of Management, MMM Program
Professor of Management, MPM Program
Office Phone: 814-898-6428
Office Location: 255 Burke
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ERIE, PA 16563

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Ph.D., Illinois Institute of Technology (1992): Research and teaching interests are in the areas of operations planning and control, supply chain management, operations strategy, and statistics. He has received the Ideal Industries Award for Excellence in Business Teaching at Northern Illinois University. Dr. Venkataraman has previous industry experience as an assistant manager with a multinational bank in India.


Ideal Industries Award for Excellence in Business Teaching, Department of Operations Management and Information Systems, College of Business, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb IL, 1995-96

Teaching Philosophy

Education is a process of life-long learning and the challenge for teachers is to generate in students a love of learning from their educational experience. Even more important than the particular skills and the concepts that we teach, the most pivotal obligation of a teacher to his students is to provide a learning environment that stimulates critical thinking and a love for learning. Consequently, my teaching philosophy is to provide the students with the necessary professional knowledge and analytical skills in an environment where learning can be a delightful experience both for the student and the teacher. Within the framework of this teaching philosophy and regardless of the particular course being taught, I have two fundamental objectives.

  1. Create a learning environment that fosters mutual respect and uncompromising integrity as these are essential ingredients for human development.
  2. Encourage critical thinking that pre-supposes mastery of the subject matter.

In order to accomplish these objectives, in all my classes, I promote an atmosphere that encourages student participation, free and honest expression of opinions without fear, and constructive criticism of my teaching. All my courses are highly rigorous and force the students to think beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Students are frequently challenged to make decisions and to identify the relevance of those decisions to real-life business problems.

Of all the complements that I have received from my students, the one that is most gratifying to me is that I care for my students and has faith in their potential.

Courses Taught 

  • B ADM 503: Integrated Business Analysis 
  • MANGT 450: Operations Planning and Control
  • MANGT 515: Cost and Value Management 
  • MANGT 520: Planning and Resource Management 
  • QANLY 501: Statistics for Modern Business
  • QANLY 596: Individual Studies
  • SCM 200 (Formerly MS&IS 200): Introduction to Statistics for Business
  • SCM 301 (formerly SCM 310): Introduction to Operations Management
  • SCM 455 (Formerly MANGT 455): Logistics Systems Analysis and Design 


Outreach-Based Instruction

  • Pre MPM Certificate Program: Nov 2001-May 2002; May 2002-Nov 2003


  • Aalborg Industries, Erie, PA, 2002
  • Service to Business and Industry
  • Established student internships with General Electric Transportation Systems and Greenbriar Industrial Systems, 1999-00.
  • Organized a break-out session for companies from the chemical industries group to address common problems faced by these companies in their manufacturing area. APICS/Penn State Behrend Process Industries Technical Conference, Erie, PA, June 1998

Membership in Professional and Learned Societies

  • American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS), 1998-2006
  • Decision Sciences Institute, 1992-
  • Production and Operations Management Society, 1991-

Active Participation in Professional and Learned Societies

  • Erie Chapter of APICS:
    • Board Member, July 1998-2001
    • Attendee, Meetings, October 1997-2002

Assistance to Student Organizations

  • Advisor, Student Chapter of APICS, Penn State Behrend, Erie, PA, 1997-98
  • Established an APICS student chapter at Penn State Behrend, Erie, PA, 1997-98


Research Interests
My current research interests are in the areas of sustainability issues in project management, Supply chain disruptions, and improving supply chain efficiency.